Sites having for sale historical artifacts (at least 100+ years old) vintage Ethnographica, and/or coins.

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Alexander Ancient Art
An ancient art gallery specializing in Pre-columbian, Egyptian and Near-eastern artifacts.
Ancient Artifacts and Treasures
Antiquities from around the world, ancient Roman and Greek coins, fossils, rocks, minerals and crystals.
Anthropos Gallery
Specializing in ancient and tribal sculpture from the New as well as the Old World: Pre-Columbian, North American Indian and Eskimo, Egyptian and Mediterranean art.
Anubis Ancient Art
Artifacts from the Ancient World.
Aphrodite Ancient Art
Authentic works of ancient art including Classical, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Near-Eastern antiquities and artifacts.
A venue for ancient artifacts, coins and antiquities.
Artemis Gallery Ancient Art
Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Pre-Columbian antiquities, and other ancient art for sale. Offers appraisals, restoration, and TL testing referrals.
Clio Ancient Art
Dealer in Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Cypriot and Near-Eastern antiquities, artifacts, coins and related books.
Gaukler Medieval Wares
Jewelry in ancient and medieval styles, as well as ancient and medieval antiquities.
Historical Research & Development, Inc.
Treasure coins, artifacts, books, maps, and videos for sale.
Ikenga African Art Gallery
West African artifacts, including masks and figures from Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and Cameroon, for sale.
Martifacts, Inc.
Marine collectibles that went down to the sea in ships, including special collections from the U.S. Navy and United States Lines.
Minerva Gallery
Specializes in Pre-columbian Art, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Far-Eastern and Near-Eastern artifacts and antiquities.
Ancient artifacts, coins, antiques and collectibles from the Bronze Age, Celtic, Roman and Medieval to the 20th century.
PB Gallery
Chinese archaeological art pieces.
Robert Morris Fine Art
Specializing in Pre-Columbian Art, Spanish Colonial, Asian and Ethnographic Art.
Royal Athena
A fine arts gallery dealing in ancient art from around the world.
Talbot's Medieval Antiquities
Authentic medieval antiquities for sale, focusing on artifacts from England and Germany.
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