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400 Years of "De Magnete"
History of geomagnetism, and its relation to space physics and aurora.
Ask the Space Scientist: FAQ page
Archive of answers from this site which receives 30-50 questions a day about the earth, the moon, the cosmos, and other space topics; a NASA site.
Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics
This site was prepared to provide background information on basic aerodynamics and propulsion for math and science teachers, students, and life-long learners.
Beginner's Guide to Propulsion
Provides information on propulsion for the K-12 audience.
Captain Comet
Learn about comets with videos, coloring pages, puzzles, and stories about the NASA Stardust mission.
Cool Cosmos
Offers lessons and activities for infrared light. Also, includes has online tutorials, games and graphic galleries that related to this topic.
Educational sites and games related to the study of cirrus clouds, rain, climate change, and global warming.
Cub Scout Achievements & Electives at The Space Place
NASA provides a new feature on the Space Place website that offers resources and alternative ways to earn merits ( all approved by the Boy Scouts of America!)
The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere
Home page of a detailed non-mathematical introduction to the research on the Earth's magnetic environment in space and its history. Contains master directory of more than 70 related text files.
For Kids Only - Earth Science Enterprise
Learn about NASA earth science projects related to air, thunderstorms, the earth's crust, tropical rainfall and water. Sponsored by NASA's Earth Science Enterprise.
From Stargazers to Starships
The motion of Earth in space, Newtonian mechanics, spaceflight and spacecraft, and a math refresher, on a high school level. This site deals with the world of gravity--of massive planets and stars, and the way spaceflight is achieved despite their strong pull.
Fun Activities for Students
Directory of aerospace sites with fun things for kids.
Galaxy Hunter
Journey to the deepest regions of space and wrestle with the cosmic giants called galaxies. In "Galaxy Hunter," students can go online and use actual data from the Hubble Space Telescope to study galaxies in deep space. [Requires JVM]
IMAGERS - NASA Science Education for Elementary Children
Interactive Multimedia Adventures for Kids in grades 2-5 introduces students to remote sensing and biodiversity from a constructivist approach.The Teacher's Guide contains classroom activities and lesson plans that provide a structure to integrate the interactive adventure into the classroom.
Imagine Mars
A national arts, sciences and technology education initiative that has harnessed America's fascination with space and led young people to work together with educators and civic leaders to design a Mars community for 100 people.
Imagine The Universe!
Dedicated to a discussion about our Universe... This site from NASA is intended primarily for ages 14 and up. If you are interested in a lower level, more basic discussion about astronomy and space exploration, try StarChild site.
Infrared Astronomy
Maintained for grades 6 to 12 by NASA's Infrared Processing and Analysis Center (IPAC), this site introduces students to Infrared Astronomy and the detection and study of infrared radiation emitted from objects in the Universe.
Just For Kids
Games and activities to teach about space flight and what happens to the human body in space; a site sponsored by NASA's Life Sciences Data Archive
Features educational resources for students from age 5 to 11 from NASA.
Kids - Laugh & Learn
Explore these JPL and NASA kid sites for out-of-this-world fun and learning.
Liftoff to Space Exploration
Up-to-date information about space, includes facts about launches, satellites, space stations, and astronaut training.
Provides teachers, students and the interested public with the latest information about auroral science, and the study of Earth's magnetic field.
Passport to Knowledge
Electronic field trips to scientific frontiers. Supported by the National Science Foundation, NASA, and public television, it permits students to interact through projects to the Rainforest, Anarctica, the solar system, and live access specials.
Space Comics
Includes Apollo 13, the Charles Lindberg Story, The Wilbur and Orville Wright Story, and Aero and Space in comic book format for students.
Space Mysteries
In solving each Mystery, users are required to access and analyze actual data from NASA missions, including video "interviews" with real NASA scientists.
The Space Place
Demonstrates and explains scientific concepts related to astronomy in a fun, hands-on manner.
StarChild: A Learning Center for Young Astronomers
Primarily for budding astronomers under the age of 14. A service of the High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center at NASA.
Virtual Skies
Explore the exciting worlds of aviation technology, air traffic management, and current research in this web site designed by NASA for use in high schools and flight technology programs.
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