Unmanned Earth orbiting satellites and robotic exploratory spacecraft to the planets, comets, asteroids, and the sun. Sites pertaining to past, current, and future or proposed missions may be included in this category.

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Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex
One of the three Deep Space Network stations, CDSCC provides critical communications and tracking information to interplanetary space probes.
Offers description and data on a gamma-ray telescope flown on several space missions.
GAIA: The Galactic Census Project
A European Space Agency astrometry satellite mission designed to determine the composition, formation and evolution of our Galaxy, and create a detailed 3D map of over a billion stars.
High Energy Missions
NASA guide to the scientific equipment and research aboard high-energy astrophysics missions.
A History of Unmanned Space Missions
Chronological listings of unmanned missions from 1957-2004. Includes dates and mission highlights.
Provides updated mission status, spacecraft and scientific data about a gamma ray observatory spacecraft of the European Space Agency.
Provides overview of Russian participation in a mission studying plasma processes with several spacecraft at the L1/L2 Sun/Earth libration points.
RXTE Mission
Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer is a Goddard mission which was launched on December 30th, 1995. RXTE is designed to facilitate the study of time variability in the emission of X-ray sources with moderate spectral resolution.
Solar System Exploration: Missions
Browsable information on dozens of interplanetary NASA programs. Includes links to official mission homepages.
Space Science Missions of the European Space Agency
Information and data on those of ESA's past, present, and future satellite missions related to astronomy and astrophysics.
USGS Astrogeology Research Program
Features planetary imagery, research, GIS, mapping, and image processing software. Offers data from a variety of space mission.
The Wide Field Infrared Explorer (WIRE)
A spaceborne, cryogenically-cooled imaging telescope designed to explore the evolution of starburst galaxies and to search for protogalaxies.
Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE)
Offers project and scientific information on a coming infrared observatory mission to observe stars and galaxies.
The European Space Agency's XMM satellite official home page. News updates and multimedia.
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