Russia's Mir space station endured crashes, fires and over 100 cosmonauts and foreign astronauts throughout its 15-year 2-billion-mile orbital history. It crashed into the Pacific Ocean on March 23, 2001.

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Mir Diary
Description of the Mir orbital complex together with a detailed diary of onboard events.
Mir in 3D
An interactive, three-dimensional model of the Mir space station. Requires the Cult 3-D plug-in.
Mir Space Station 1986-2001
BBC News presents an illustrated history of the station.
NOVA: Terror in Space
A NOVA documentary about the mishap-filled visit of American astronaut Jerry Linenger to Mir. Includes information on a typical day aboard the station, mission mishaps, an interview with Linenger, and a timeline of space age disasters.
Space Station Mir
Aggregate listing of many New York Times articles on Mir, 1997-2001. Free registration required.
A Mir Retrospective
Streaming audio from NPR's Talk of the Nation, with several guests commenting on station. [National Public Radio] (March 16, 2001)
Shuttle-Mir: An Experiment in Science and Politics
Discussion of the political and scientific goals of the Shuttle-Mir missions and how successful the program was in achieving these goals. Includes interviews with crew members that worked on the station. [CNN] (April 02, 1998)
Mir's Woes Raise Doubts about U.S.-Russian Cooperation
A report on the Mir station's problems in space and questions about the reliability of the Russians as partners in the International Space Station program. [CNN] (July 25, 1997)
2 Soviet Cosmonauts Lofted Toward New Space Station
An original report from the first manned mission to Mir. Free registration required. [New York Times] (March 14, 1986)
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