Sites related to safety in mining, including safety engineering and specific technologies to enhance mine safety.

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Directorate General of Mines Safety, Dhnabad, India
Information about the agency and the field of mine safety in India, including the coal, non-coal, and oil sectors. Includes laws, regulations, and information about professional examinations for managers and other job categories.
Infography about Mine Ventilation
Books and articles recommended by a professor who specializes in the study of mine ventilation.
Joseph A. Holmes Safety Association
Private non-profit organization that recognizes achievements in mine safety with annual awards and publishes a bulletin containing mine safety information.
Mine Safety and Health Administration
US government mine safety branch. Includes information and links about regulations, current safety initiatives, accident investigations, equipment alerts, training, mine rescue, and related topics.
Mine Safety and Health Network
News and information about mine safety and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). The subscriber-only area contains a MSHA compliance manual and reference materials including FMSHRC case decisions, 30 C.F.R. Parts 1 to 199 and the Mine Act.
Office for Mining Health and Safety Research
US government organization, formerly part of the Bureau of Mines. Includes accident statistics and reports on current research on topics such as ground control, ergonomics, dust monitoring and control, ventilation, hearing loss prevention, and carbon monoxide control in blasting.
Pennsylvania Bureau of Mine Safety
State government agency that inspects mines, approves safety equipment, investigates mining accidents, trains miners and certifies mine foremen.
Snively Incorporated
Developer of the Mine Safety Tracker, a software application that meets the demands of MSHA compliancy and reporting.
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