A Polymer is a large molecule built up by the repetition of small, simple chemical units. Repetition can be linear, branched, cross-linked or dendritic. The repeat unit is usually equivalent to the monomer - the starting material from which the polymer is formed. Plastics are one type of polymer These can be broken down into thermoplastics which can repeatedly follow a melt-freeze cycle, and thermosets, which set, or cure once during an irreversible chemical process during the manufacturing phase. Polypropylene, polyethylene and suchlike are thermoplastics, while most elastomers as well as hard plastics like Bakelite are thermosets.

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Elastomer Engineering and Testing
Consults or performs finite element analysis, stress strain, fatigue, crack growth, and tearing energy testing on elastomers or rubber materials and components.
A site for information and ecommerce on radiation-curable and imageable polymers. These polymers are used as photoresists, coatings, inks, adhesives, printing plates etc.
Provides information on plastics and environment, associations and institutions, books and publications, news and a discussion forum.
Polymer FEM
Forum for discussing constitutive models for polymers and their implementation in general purpose finite element programs.
Polymers in Automobile Industry
About polymers and their uses and possible uses in the automobile industry, written for a general audience.
Rubber Division - American Chemical Society
Provides for exchange of opinions, technical information and experience of those in the rubber and polymer-related industries.
Surface Modified Silicone Rubber
A wet-chemical method generates a variety of functional groups in the surface of fromed silicone articles. This is the basis for bonding biologically active compounds, ionically and/or covalently.
Trends in Plastics
Facts, Trends, News about plastics. Semi-personal website developed by a senior member of two prestigious professional associations (the ACS and SPE), giving interesting perspectives on the business, materials and processes.

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