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Atlanta Chemical Engineering
Provides information on a recently developed microwave active composition (patent pending) with high potential to be utilized in the chemical process industry.
Industrial Coatings World
Provides information in an easy-to-understand format, for designers and equipment manufacturers, about preventing wear, friction, corrosion or sticking, before they choose their next coating.
Nature of Thermal Spray Coatings
Information on thermal spray coatings. Bonding, coating structure, stress, properties and porosity.
Plasma Quest Ltd
Develops novel and commercially viable technologies for the use of high intensity gas plasmas, mainly for the sputtering of thin films and for surface engineering.
PVD Coating Technology
Synopsis of physical vapour deposition, a plasma based coating process. The site outlines the theory, technology and applications.
PVD Coatings and Vacuum Technology
Discussion forum about thin films and coatings technology based in vacuum surface treatments (plasma treatment, PVD and CVD coating technology).
Providers of predictive software tools for optimizing coating, web handling and drying processes.
Spanish Network on Surface Engineering and Thin Films
The network aims to promote synergy between industry and science in the technology areas related to the study and development of surface treatments. English and Spanish.
Surface Technology Support
Provides consultants for most aspects of surface engineering and treatments. The consultancy has extensive analytical back-up to support and undertakes research and development programmes in surface engineering.
Thames Research Group
Provide alternative resources research including silicon chemistry and the effects of the silicon atom on polymer/coating properties, specialty coating formulations, and no volatile organic content pigment dispersants for waterborne coatings.

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