This category is for companies that provide rapid prototyping services, also known as Rapid Prototyping Service Bureaus. All R.P. technologies may be represented here, including stereolithography, selective laser sintering, fused deposition modeling, etc.

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Provides the jewelry industry with CAD/CAM services including 3D jewelry design, rapid prototyping and milling of hard copy models, laser-technology, polishing and finishing services.
3 Axis Development
Provides rapid prototyping and manufacturing services, specializing in short runs and low volume production.
3 Dimension Design
Offers rapid prototyping of presentation and architectural models. Also offers design services, translating a sketch or drawing into a 3D model, animation or photo-like rendering.
3 Dimensional Services
New part and engineering designs using rapid prototyping techniques.
3D Creation Lab
3D printing service provider based in the UK turning digital designs into actual physical objects that can be used for prototypes or tooling components.
3D Prototype Design
Offers a rapid prototyping service to create strong and flexible parts in nylon from a CAD design.
3D Prototyping
Company based in Brisbane, Australia, offers prototyping services to transform 3D computer generated designs into coloured precision models. Provides information on applications and technical capabilities.
3D-Cam, Inc.
RP&T, SLA, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). From single prototypes to mass-production of plastic/metal parts. RTV/ZAP/Aluminum Epoxy/CNC tooling, injection molding, QuickCast, and sand casting.
3T RPD Ltd.
Rapid prototyping and rapid tooling services for StereoLithography. Offers laser sintering and prototype product development.
Advantage Prototype Systems
Full service prototyping center specializing in stereolithography, injection molding, urethane and metal casting, mold design and design engineering.
ARM: Advanced Rapid Machining
Specializes in rapid prototyping of precision machined products for the high-tech industries.
Rapid prototyping service bureau, specializes in making SLA (stereolithography) and 3d printed thermoplastic prototypes.
ARRK Product Development Group
European RP services provider offers StereoLithography, Vacuum and Rim Casting, and Metal Casting.
Axis Prototypes
Specialists in stereolithography and selective laser sintering technologies. Includes details of materials available, other options and technical specifications.
Bastech, Inc.
Rapid manufacturing services, engineering services, rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, and short-run injection molding.
BBC Design Group
Product Design and Development which includes rapid prototypes in sla, sls, and rtv.
C.ideas Inc.
Prototyping Service Bureau utilizing the FDM process to make ABS Models.
CA Models
UK company offering rapid prototypes via stereolithograhy, selective laser sintering, CNC machining, vacuum casting and model making.
Centric Associates Ltd
Offers rapid prototyping and investment casting moulding utilising 3D CAD/CAM modelling in the UK
China Prototyping
Rapid prototyping service center in China providing CNC milling, Sls, SLA and RTV prototypes. Also offers design engineering services and low cost, small series production.
ConPro 3D Products
Offers a Rapid Prototyping Service committed to providing the client with a local, competitively priced solution for their precision prototype modeling needs.
UK company providing rapid prototyping and product development services.
CRP Technology
Titanium rapid casting and rapid prototyping, MMC machining of composite selective laser sintering material in Italy.
Design Prototyping Technologies
Offers stereolithography and selective laser sintering services. Instant online quotes are available.
DialAct Corp.
Design and production of plastic prototypes, short run manufacturing of plastic parts and reproduction of artwork in plastic.
Direct Dimensions, Inc.
Provides laser scanning, reverse engineering, and digital modeling services, products, and training.
Eagle Design & Technology, Inc.
Specializing in Stereolithography, Rapid Tooling, Silicon molding, Urethane Casting, CAD Design, Laser Digitizing, and Reverse Engineering.
East Pattern and Model Corporation
Prototyping, Mold Making, CNC, RIM, Injection Molding, Urethane Casting,
Eastmaster Manufacturing
Makes low cost rapid prototyping and low-volume production of small to large-sized plastic parts in China.
Excell Models and Prototyping Inc.
Rapid prototyping (SLA and FDM), rapid injection casting, vacuum forming, silicone and epoxy molds and parts, cast urethane parts.
FineLine Prototyping Inc.
Stereolithography service bureau making precision plastic parts for medical and electronics industries.
Offers a subtractive process which combines traditional rapid prototyping with CNC machining to deliver speed, real material properties and improved surface finishes.
Forecast 3D
Rapid prototype service bureau using Stereolithography, Selective Laser Sintering, CNC Machining, PAD Printing, RTV Tooling, and metal, epoxy, urethane, and silicone castings.
Fraunhofer-Allianz Rapid Prototyping
German rapid prototyping alliance
Fruth Innovative Technologien
FIT focuses on rapid fabrication of prototypes and small lot production of special parts. [German and English]
Gemini Prototyping Ltd
UK based company offering rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, blow moulding, injection moulding, vacuum casting, and CAD/CAM/CNC.
Harvest Technologies
Full service prototyping service bureau that specializes in production of top-quality functional prototypes, presentation models and patterns for casting and molding.
Hoerdler Rapid Engineering (Prototyping)
Germany based bureau offering prototyping using SLS, stereolithography and vacuum casting. Offers construction assistance, 3D-CAD, STL data. Can make fiber plastic parts, small series and pre series.
Design and product development company in France. CAD software Pro/E and CATIA. 3D digitising and reverse engineering. Rapid prototyping.
Innovative CAD Technologies
Offers CAD, rapid prototyping and precious metal casting, taking a rough sketch, photograph or concept to reality in just a few days.
Ionic Models
Aluminum castings, molds and patterns produced by CNC router or 3D printer. Also provides architectural scale models through leading-edge 3D printing.
JVP Limited
Design firm providing a variety of services for rapid prototype and production needs. Services include design of products, precision tooling, fixtures and complete assemblies.
LAE Technologies
Offers rapid prototyping services, including selective laser sintering (SLS), stereolithography (SLA), FDM, cast urethane and rapid tooling.
LB Jewelry Design, Inc.
Offers jewelry design, rapid prototyping and fabrication services.
Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing bureau with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 approval.
Mack Prototype Inc
Offers full service Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling. Provides Engineering models, CNC machining and low volume molding of plastic parts. Injection mold small to medium. Custom painting, Catalyzed painting, EMI/RFI painting and Silkscreen.
Malcolm Nicholls Limited
Offers rapid prototyping service in a range of materials for all market sectors.
Dutch supplier of selective laser sintering rapid prototyping and injection moulding.
Provides 3D CAD services, rapid prototyping through stereolithography and laser sintering, small series in vacuum casting, reverse engineering with anthropomorhic arm and optical scanner.
Dorset, UK company providing rapid SLS and SLA prototypes and plastic vacuum castings using their unique Thin-Rim polyurethane resins.
Provides rapid prototyping services including stereolithography, selective laser sintering, fused deposition modeling and castings in metal, urethane or silicone.
Metro Rapid Prototyping
Offering rapid prototyping services to create sample parts before production. Services include Stereolithography, SLA prototyping, urethane castings, and extrusion profiles.
Model Labs
Rapid prototyping and architectural model-making company. Online quoting and ordering with no minimum order.
Modelvision Inc
Prototype models for design and presentation needs.
Moeller Design - Rapid Prototyping
Rapid production prototyping and tooling business, available to help build your industrial models, molds and prototypes. Seattle, Washington.
Mydea Technologies Corporation
Product development and rapid prototyping firm in Orlando, Florida.
Nova Product Development Services
Provides rapid prototyping services in a wide range of new technologies, producing a variety of models using 3D solid or fully surfaced CAD design data.
O'Brien Plastics
Experts in custom plastic technologies and rapid protoyping tooling.
Ogle Models & Prototypes Ltd.
UK based modelling and design company specialising in rapid prototyping and model making.
Omega Plastics and Tooling
UK company offering rapid tooling and plastic injection moulding, specialising in rapid prototype tooling. Describes their services and capabilities.
Paragon Rapid Technologies Ltd
Rapid prototyping specialists concentrating on the core disciplines of stereolithography, product finishing, silicone tooling and vacuum casting.
Paramount Industries, Inc.
Offers rapid prototyping, stereolithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS), rapid tooling, product design and development, and manufacturing services.
PDS Enterprise Inc: Cool Prototyping
Provides product design services including rapid prototyping, molding and product manufacturing.
Plunkett Associates
Offers rapid prototyping, consultancy services, and low volume production of a range of plastic, metal, clear or flexible parts.
Works with clients who need a prototype model of their idea or concept before it goes into production. Services offered include 3D CAD modeling, rapid prototyping, product development, reverse engineering and model finishing.
Rapid manufacturing service provider supplying stereolithography prototypes, RTV molding and urethane castings, investment casting patterns and rapid injection molding services.
Specializes in the production of early stage concept models of any complexity directly from 3D digital data using rapid prototyping technology, 3DP, SLS, SLA, or FDM quickly and in full color.
Specializing in rapid injection molding, prototype injection molding, plastic injection molding, custom injection molding and injection molding prototypes
California firm pecializing in full 24-bit color 3D printing, with a turnaround time of around 24 hours. Online price calculator available.
Prototek Manufacturing Company
Rapid prototyping of precision sheet metal and machined products. Provides details of the facilities and capabilities, with a video and a gallery.
Prototype Solutions Ltd.
Prototype model makers, providing cnc machining, vacuum casting, product model making and spray finishing services to a worldwide market.
Offer rapid prototypes and injection molded plastic parts.
Rainbow Rapid Manufacturing Company
Chinese company offering rapid prototyping, stereolithography, CNC machining and production mould service.
Rapid Innovative Solution & Engineering (RISE)
Provides services in the rapid prototyping field, low volume manufacturing, and rapid CNC field. Free samples available upon request.
Rapid Prototype Co., Inc.
Bureau offering SLS, SLA, FDM, Silicone Tooling, Cast Urethane Parts, and design and engineering services.
Rapid Prototyping Corporation
Offering Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Value/Reverse Engineering, Engineering Research, Part Design, SLA, and SLS
Rapid Solutions
A rapid prototyping service bureau specializing in taking your concept to finished part in the shortest time possible. We use technologies like SLA, SLA and rapid tooling.
Rapid prototype output and cad design for the jewelry, toy, medical and other industries.
Rapid prototyping service provider facing to all global clients, offering rapid prototyping and manufacturing service in high quality, low cost, fast delivery.
Sinthesi Engineering
Italy. Home appliances and automotive rapid prototyping, either specially-built or mass-produced.
Southwest Research Institute
Rapid prototyping services using ABS plastic (FDM).
Square Deal Technologies
Rapid Prototype CAD/CAE services
Star Prototype Manufacturing Co.
Rapid prototyping stereolithography specialists doing SLS prototype, prototyping SLA, prototype cnc, RTV mold and molding urethane in China.
Information regarding stereolithography and solid modeling.
New Zealand, rapid prototyping bureau. Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) process in ABS. 3D CAD solid modeling.
Sweet Onion Creations
Offers 3D architecture models built from CAD or Google Sketchup files using 3D printing technology. Provides video and information on how 3D printing works for architecture firms and their clients.
Synergeering Group
Offers rapid manufacturing and rapid prototyping. Large frame LS machines can produce Nylon-GF, Titanium alloy EBM, plastic and metal parts, prototypes, niche series production and reverse engineering.
The Technology House
Offers services in mold prototyping, CAD design, stereolithographic services, and mold precasting.
United Industries, Inc.
Provides rapid prototyping, model casting, and pattern and mold making services.
Offers prototyping services providing high resolution stereolithography, product design and development, 3D CAD services and urethane casting.
VisualCNC Inc.
Creating precision models and prototypes, design models, machined engineering models, and urethane castings from CAD data.
Chinese company specialising in mold making, plastic injection and rapid prototyping for the overseas market.
WB Engineering
Florida company offering digital and rapid prototyping solutions and services, and Autocad training.
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