This category is for suppliers and manufacturers of rapid prototyping machines, materials, software, and other related equipment.
3D Printer Superstore Pty Ltd
Contains different types of 3D printers from various manufacturers and a range of software and supplies to go along with the printers.
3D Rapid Prototyping
Offers Z Corporation's 3D printers, 3D scanners and wide format color scanners.
3D Systems, Inc.
Manufacturer of SLA Series stereolithography rapid prototyping machines, Actua Series 3D printers, and 3D Keltool rapid production tooling process. SLA machines fabricate prototypes by laser-hardening successive cross-sectional layers of epoxy- or vinyl-based resin. Actua 3D printers "print" 3D models using a thermopolymer plastic.
3D printing and rapid prototyping equipment and solutions. Supplier of the Afinia H-Series 3D printer and Afinia ABS filament.
Airwolf 3D
Manufacturer of desktop fused deposition modeling (FDM) systems for prototyping and direct digital manufacturing allowing the user to make functional prototypes and end parts in real thermoplastics.
CleanStation SRS
Ancillary equipment for rapid prototyping (RP) systems: equipment that removes soluble support material, as well as thoroughly cleaning finished rapid prototyped parts.
Information about 3D printers, supplies, and software. View sample prototypes and download converters.
Core Robotics
The Studiomill enables students to create high quality rapid prototypes within the limits of school and college budgets.
DSM Somos
Solid imaging materials provide a winning combination for users of rapid prototyping equipment.
EckerTech Inc.
Offers 3D printers and rapid prototyping machines such as Reprap Prusa and D.I.Y kits.
Engineering & Manufacturing Services
EMS offers 3d scanning, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping services and products including 3D scanners, 3D printers, clay tools, freeform modeling and software for product design.
Manufacturer of rapid prototyping systems consisting of 3D printers, print materials, replacement parts, training and other services.
European manufacturer of systems for rapid prototyping, tooling and manufacturing.
Innovmetric Software
PolyWorks, polygonal modeling and inspection software for processing 3D digitizer data for reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, CAD comparison and verification.
J&R Filaments
Supplier of 3D prototype polylactide polymers and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene used in 3D printing.
netfabb GmbH
Software company dedicated to additive fabrication.
Retailer of personal 3D printer parts, plastic filament, and other supplies.
Open source rapid prototyping system that is capable of producing its own parts and can therefore be replicated easily.
Reprap Austria
Seller of complete printer systems, mechanic, filament. The site provides workshops on a weekly basis.
Roland Rapid Prototyping
These subtractive machines provide snap-fit, parts and prototypes milled from a variety of materials and surface finish.
Rook Metering / Michael Engineering
Manufacturer of meter mixing and dispensing equipment for silicone, urethane, epoxy and acrylics. Provides details of the equipment and accessories.
Solidscape, Inc.
A manufacturer of high-precision 3D modeling rapid prototyping (RP) systems worldwide. Formerly Sanders Prototype Inc.
Stereo Lithography Assoc. Sales Co.
Offers Uvibond and Uvifille: Ultra-fast UV adhesive designed exclusively for stereolithography. For QuickCast and solid-build styles. Pinpoint syringe application that has adhesion to most epoxy and acrylated resins.
Manufacturer of fused deposition modeling (FDM) systems for prototyping and direct digital manufacturing allowing the user to make functional prototypes and end parts in real thermoplastics. Site includes products and services offered, and general information about the company.
Sunny Plastic Metal Limited
Development of rapid prototypes and moulds with advanced technology, designers and manufacturers development of metal castings.
T.A.T Machinery Corporation
Seller of CNC and high-end turning and milling machines, as well as lathe equipment for industrial use.
Offers 3D scanner, 3D printer and rapid prototyping machines and bureau services. Applications include architectural models, quality control inspection, reverse engineering and prototypes.
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