Websites concerned with the science and practice of the food processing of dairy produce.

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Dairy and Food Technology
Description of the industrial use of lactococci and other lactic acid bacteria, their bacteriophages, natural and 'added' antimicrobial systems in milk, and cheese technology. Includes downloads, forum,and links to other sites.
Dairy Chemistry and Physics
Milk production and processing: butter, cheese, milk composition and structure.
Dairy Network Online
Daily news and product updates for professionals in the dairy science industry- Information on manufacturing, technology, equipment, supplies, and discussion forums, online chat, newsletter and software
Dairy Science and Technology
University of Guelph describes the technology, physics, chemistry and microbiology of milk, cheese, ice cream, butter, and other dairy products and their production and processing.
Dom's Kefir In-Site
Extensive information about the fermented milk product called kefir: history, origin, composition, microbiology, and production. Includes photographs.
GEA Filtration
Supplies membrane filtration plants utilizing the technologies of microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis for liquid separation, purification, concentration and clarification in food, dairy, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries.
Improving Tchoukou Cheese Technology in the Niger
Local traditional cheese produced by women, FAO supported.
Innovate With Dairy
Provides research, news, processing technology advancements and directory of resources. Includes whey proteins, fluid and dry milk, cheese, and cultured products.
International Dairy Federation (IDF)
IDF goals, activities, publications and events.
Tharp's Food Technology
Scientific and technical consultancy specialising in ice cream and frozen dessert technology. Training programs.
TIVISKI, a Camel Milk Dairy in the Desert
Dairy products in Mauritania, Africa: camel, goat, cow milks.
Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research
Includes mission statement, programs, newsletter, resources, events, and courses.
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