Sites dealing with any and all methods (old and new) of producing hydrogen.
Algae Hydrogen
Brief story about research that may lead to the production of hydrogen gas by algal photosynthesis.
Aqua Reactor
Offers hydrogen generators for internal combustion engine exhaust systems, improving fuel economy and increasing MPG.
Build A Solar Hydrogen Fuel Cell System
Complete illustrated instructions and templates to build solar panels, planar fuel cell stack, and electrolyzer hydrogen source using common tools and easy-to-obtain materials. E-book available for immediate download.
Eagle Research
Energy conservation and solutions from Eagle Research, a non-profit organization that develops and sells practical energy saving methods and devices.
Hydrogen Production by Means of an Artificial Bacterial Algal Symbiosis (Project ArBAS)
Biophotolysis of water by means of a two stage process after the model of the blue alga Nostoc muscorum.
Nanoptek, Inc.
Developing a photocatalytic process for producing hydrogen from water. Overview of technology, applications, and news.
Ovonic Hydrogen Energy Technology
Describes Energy Conversion Devices, Inc., technology to produce hydrogen energy from water via photovoltaic electrolysis.
Renewable Hydrogen and Carbon Sequestration
A technology developed by National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Eprida provides renewable hydrogen production while sequestering large amounts of carbon; a profitable sequestration technology.
Tidal Hydroelectric Power
Describes a hybrid tidal electric plant, utilizing electrode-less electrolysis to produce hydrogen as a second fuel for the plant.
Virent Energy Systems LLC
Aims to commercialize the aqueous phase reforming (APR) process, an innovative technology which generates hydrogen from sugar.
New Hydrogen-Producing Reaction Could Lead to Micropower Sources
Short Oak Ridge National Laboratory Review article describes a new chemical technology for hydrogen separation. (April 01, 2000)

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