This category holds websites with information on internal combustion engines working via rotary geometries and principles, rather than the more common reciprocating geometries, which are found in this subcategory's parent category. Rotary engines can have reciprocating components, within a rotary component (context), but the main impulses (driving forces) are applied in the direction of rotation of the main power component(s), which usually rotate/turn in the direction of the power output/shaft. Rotary engines include, but are not limited to, Wankel engines and their many variants.

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AIM += Z; Scientific Industrial Research Laboratory
Patented innovative Piston Rotary Engine, designed for efficiency, simplicity, progressiveness and controllability. Includes images, technical drawings, animations, diagrams and prototypes.
Felix Wankel Homepage
Information source on the Wankel engine technology. Includes technical discussion, animated pictures and vehicle reviews. [English, German]
Freedom Motors
Explains the basics of the Freedom engine, based on the Wankel rotary engine. Includes historical and technical background, news, FAQs, applications and contact information.
HowStuffWorks - How Rotary Engines Work
Explains the rotary engine technology. Includes technology background, photographs and animations.
Idol Principle
Explains the concept of Idol engines. Includes animations, laboratory data and drawings. [English, Turkish]
Compact multifuel rotary engine with improved consumption, noise and emissions characteristics. Includes a company profile, information on the technology and portals for investors and customers.
OX2 Engine
News and information about the new internal combustion rotary engine technology being developed by Advanced Engine Technologies, Inc. (AENG).
Pistonless Rotary Engine
Wikipedia article on internal combustion engines that do not use pistons in the way that reciprocating engines do.
Explains the concept of quasiturbine engines. Includes theoretical and technical background, animations, drawings and references.
Wikipedia: Quasiturbine
Free encyclopedia article describing the concept of quasiturbines. Includes animations.
FutureWatch: From the Piston to the Wankel to the Quasiturbine
Describes the advantages and limitations of the quasiturbine technology. Includes pictures and discussion forum. (October 20, 2000)
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