Fuel Cell technology is both a rapidly expanding technology and a rapidly growing business. In an effort to keep those interested in new developments up to date, this category is dedicated to only press releases and announcements about fuel cell technology and does not include information on web sites concerning the science, business or general technology of fuel cells.

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Fuel Cell Car News
News, articles, research and related public companies for investors following fuel cell development.
Fuel Cell Today
News stories covering global fuel cell industry added daily; also offers regular commentary on industry developments. Users can subscribe to free newsletter.
FuelCell Works News and Info
Provides links to fuel cell companies and alternative energy news stories.
Hydrogen Cars
Resource featuring concept cars, hydrogen highway, fuel cell technology, engines, production and infrastructure issues.
Hydrogen's Dirty Secret
President Bush promises that fuel-cell cars will be free of pollution. But if he has his way, the cars of tomorrow will run on hydrogen made from fossil fuels. Article from Mother Jones News. (May 06, 2003)
Altair Development Team Fabricates Monolithic Fuel Cell Structures
Altair Nanotechnologies Inc., a provider of nanomaterials technology and a manufacturer of inorganic ceramic materials, announced a successful series of its advanced solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) test demonstrations. (June 13, 2002)
Penn Engineers Develop Fuel Cell That Uses Liquid Diesel
Chemical engineers at the University of Pennsylvania have developed a prototype fuel cell that runs on ordinary diesel fuel. (September 06, 2001)
Power Cells Get Warm
Nature magazine news article on a prototype fuel cell, developed at California Institute of Technology, converts hydrogen to electricity more efficiently than existing devices. Includes general information on the technology. (April 19, 2001)
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