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Baumeister Mediasoft Engineering
Bartels AutoEngineer CAE/CAD/CAM PCB design system. Featuring schematic editor, PCB layout, autoplacement, neural autorouter, CAM processor and CAM viewer.
Cadsoft Eagle
Creators of Eagle circuit board creation software, including schematic editor, circuit board layout and autorouter components.
Free online gerber file viewer and sharing service.
Package includes schematic capture, PCB layout, shape-based autorouter and component and pattern editors. Large standard libraries and free version available.
The Electronics Manufacturing Page
A guide to industry resources on the World Wide Web. Includes EDA, PCB manufacture and assembly.
Electronics Workbench / Multisim
Industry standard design/simulation software. Products include Multisim, Ultiboard, Ultiroute, CommSim. Software solutions for PLDs, SPICE simulation, FPGA/CPLD synthesis, design analysis, PCB layout and autorouting are available.
Rapid prototyping house which provides free board layout software for use with their service. Software suits Windows 95/98/ME/200/NT/XP
GraphiCode, Inc.
Creators of GC- Series CAM software for PCB manufacturers. Range includes GC-Powerplace, GC Powerstation. GC-CAMEdit and GC-Prevue, a free gerber viewer.
Mentor Graphics
Developer of printed circuit board layout software, with key products including circuit design and layout tools, and signal integrity analysis tools.
Mindlink Technologies
Providing PCB Design and related CAD services including custom VB programming, for linking CAD systems to other OLE applications.
Online Gerber Viewer
Free online tool for viewing Gerber274x files, and files in the Excellon format.
EDA software and services for component information management, designing field-programmable gate arrays, programmable logic devices, analog or mixed analog-digital circuits and printed circuit boards.
Custom printed circuit boards with components, user specifies design completely via the Internet. Service includes free software for PCB design and online quote generation.
Design software including schematic capture, board layout and signal integrity packages.
Printed Circuit Designers' Forum
Discussion forum for printed circuit board design, manufacture and assembly.
Santa Barbara Printed Circuit Design
CAD footprints, symbols and boardblank libraries and printed circuit design services for the electronics engineering community.
Signal Integrity
Tips, tricks, and tutorials on using Agilent's signal integrity and power integrity solutions.
Target 3001
PCB layout CAD software for Windows. Schematic, PCB layout, autorouting, simulation, 3D View, Frontpanel design.
Cloud-based engineering tools including schematic design, circuit board layout, component library.
Zuken Cadstar
Cadstar is Zuken’s PCB design solution that incorporates all the technologies necessary for an end-to-end electronics development process.
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