This category contains information on the teaching of Electrical Engineering. Information on Electrical Engineering itself, but not primarily educational in nature and not dealing with how to teach or learn it, belongs to other categories under Electrical Engineering, not Education.

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EC&M electrical seminars
Information on seminars for people in the electrical industry. Schedules, prices, topics, locations, credentials, registration.
ECE 101: Basic Electrical and Computer Engineering
Offers tutorials and information on various topics in electrical and computer engineering.
Electrical Engineering Tutorials
Collection of over 190 URLs on 90 related subject areas. Big collection of good electrical and electronic tutorials.
Electronics Assignments
Sample experiment reports, in PDF format, of the sort required in seeking the British HNC or HND certifications.
Linear Systems Virtual Experiments
Virtual experiments in the area of linear systems on topics such as superposition, linearization, system realization, system stability, and state feedback.
Ray Holder Electrical Seminars
Ray Holder conducts seminars for electricians, master electricians, and journeymen in Texas and Colorado. Site has a calendar and list of available books.
Software and Tools for Electrical Education
Supplier of software-based PLC and Ladder Logic Simulators, Animated Process Simulations, and course materials for electrical training and educational programs. Includes National Electrical Code training, as well.
The Technology Academy
Delivers advanced-technology training courses to meet the continuing education needs of engineers, technicians and managers involved in the electronics and telecommunications sectors.
Ultrafast Optics & Optical Fiber Communications Laboratory
Research group at Purdue University. Developing and applying technologies for manipulating and processing femtosecond lightwave signals.

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