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AM Ground Systems Co.
Details on ground systems for AM radio and lightning protection.
Applied Radar, Inc.
Research and development of radar and other electromagnetic sensor, communication, and navigation systems.
Blaw-Knox Diamond Radio Towers
Pictures of the towers. History and technical details are included.
Carucel-Wireless Broadband Technology
Carucel(tm) is a fourth generation (4G) wireless technology that provides broadband 20 mbps channels, in 60 Ghz unlicensed spectrum, to mobile users at highway speeds.
Communication Signal Processing Lab.
Smart antenna solutions for CDMA systems. It includes adaptive algorithms and smart antenna architecture.
Cyrospace Technologies
A provider of technology transfer services with the focus on telecommunications, internet and bioscience technologies.
An educational blog aimed at discussing the theoretical concepts in digital signal processing and digital communications. The theory is further illustrated using Matlab/Octave scripts.
IEEE Communications Society
Diverse group of industry professionals with a common interest in advancing all communications technologies. Sponsors conferences and local activities.
IEEE Signal Processing Society
Areas of interest are the theory and application of filtering, coding, transmitting, estimating, detecting, analyzing, recognizing, synthesizing, recording, and reproducing signals by digital or analog devices or techniques.
Microwave design and RF
Microwave design and RF configuration. Troubleshooting the performance of microwave link
Mobile & Wireless Communications Research Laboratory - University of Greenwich
Offers research and consultancy for networking, equipment, signal processing, and communication techniques.
Multimedia Communications Lab
Contains research in theory and algorithms for multimedia data compression and communications, digital watermarking and information hiding, and quantum informatics.
Print Free Graph Paper
Online software that produces printable Smith charts for transmission-line complex-impedance plotting, and other types of graph paper.
Includes a PRX trunking diagram, and information on the holden machine.
Telecommunications Access Networks
Covers telecommunications access network architecture, components, forecasting and planning methodologies and technologies.
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