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  • Signed languages used in deaf communities.
  • Sign systems used in contact between deaf and hearing people.
  • Signing to hearing children as a language tool.
  • The gestural language used between Native American tribes.

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Freeware fingerspelling software which supports ASL, BSL, and Indonesian.
Asian Sign Languages Bibliography
Links to bibliographic entries for thirteen Asian Sign Languages: Australasian, Chinese (CSL), Hong Kong (HKSL), Indian (INS), Indonesian, Japanese (JSL), Korean (KVK), Malaysian (BMT), Nepalese (NSP), Philippine (PSP), Sri Lankan (SQS), Taiwanese (TSS) and Thai (TSQ). Full-text articles not included.
Brazilian Sign Language Dictionary
Two-volume set available for purchase.
The Greek Manual Alphabet Page
Small .gif images of Greek fingerspelling. Displays written letters in Roman and Greek forms. From
Myths About Sign Language
Hugh Young from New Zealand dispels universal myths about sign languages, as well as about Pidgin as Maori.
Name Signs and Identity in New Zealand Sign Language
Exclusive excerpt from Gallaudet University Press, by David and Rachel Locker McKee.
New Zealand Sign Online
Searchable database of images and activities for Auslan, British, American, and New Zealand Sign Languages. Browse by category or learning level, download pre-made worksheets, and play online games.
A Nice Gesture
Stories of gestures and sign language about perception, semiotics, and technology.
Sign Language Assessment
Overview on different sign language assessments and provides information on test development and testing.
Sign Language Studies
A journal that focuses on the study of sign language and the people who use it. Quarterly archives of the journal are available online from Fall 2000.
Sign Writing
Transcription system for signed languages. Catalogs, library, online lessons, forum, downloadable SignWriter shareware, Sutton fonts, sign dictionaries, literature.
Sign, Gesture and Deafness in South Asian and South West Asian History
Historical linguistics research by M. Miles. Treats use of sign language from antquity to the present in India, Aghanistan, Bangladesh, Burma/Myanmar, Iraq, Nepal, Pakistan, Persia/Iran and Sri Lanka.
Interactive software for learning South African Sign Language.

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