This category is dedicated to the Japanese language, its complicated written structure of Kanji, Katakana, and Hiragana; its numerous dialects, grammar, and all other aspects of communication in Japanese.

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All the Japanese Slang You Can Stand
Dictionary of slang terms, with an introductory page offering general advice and book recommendations to people interested in learning Japanese.
Japanese wa, mo, ga, wo, na, no
Scholarly study of the syntax of the six most common post-nominal particles in Japanese, by Frederik Kortlandt. [PDF]
Kanji Names Project
Descriptions of Japanese names in English with kanji image files, and information on kanji books.
Learn Japanese
Learn to speak Japanese from these online lessons. [RSS]
Nihongo: Japanese Language
Articles reflecting on miscellaneous aspects of the language, thorough resources for Japanese numbers and counters, and lengthy list of summaries of books for learning Japanese.
The Origins of Kanji in Japan
The history of kanji and how it came to be used in Japanese writing.
Origins of the Japanese Language
Presents a theory on the origin of the Japanese language, addressing issues of whether it is an isolate and its relationship to surrounding languages.
Osaka Shoin Women's College
The Japanese Language Research Center.
Otake Japanese Calligraphy
Pictures of kanji characters and their meanings in several categories. Also features a list of many common English names transliterated into kana characters.
Reading Tutor Homepage
Designed to help JFL/JSL learners improve their reading skills in Japanese. Has bilingual dictionary; vocabulary and kanji level checkers.
Your Name In Japanese
Translates any name phonetically into Japanese kanji.

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