Websites about the Hindi language, which is widely spoken across northern India, and is the official language of the country. It is normally written in the Devanagari script.

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Bharatvani online Hindi teacher
Contains resources to learn Hindi. Sample lessons are available free but the not the full courses. Media used are CDROM and Video.
Hindi Language and Literature
Hindi language links and resources directory.
Hindi Morphological Tagger
Web-based tool to analyze words and phrases in Roman transcription.
Hindi on the Web
A bilingual weblog on the language. Editors, software, and social issues related to Hindi.
Hindi Script Tutor
An interactive application to learn Devanagari script. It writes the characters, plays an audio file of the letter and gives examples of words.
Hindi Study Resources
Hindi language study books and links.
A directory of websites in Hindi. Sites related to news, radio, literature and blogs are listed here.
I Speak Hindi
Daily Podcast and other tools to help learn Hindi.
Learn Hindi through English
Book for learning Hindi, photos of India, lessons in Hindi and information about Hindi.
Learn to read
Online lessons to learn Hindi through English
Learn With World
A weblog teaching Hindi to English speakers. Contains audio and text in Devanagari script.
Preschool Hindi for Kids
Aims to help Indian parents who live outside India to teach the language to their children.
Reading and making Hindi characters
Introduction to the Hindi language and script in Dutch and English.
Saar Sansaar
A magazine that contains literature from foreign languages translated into Hindi. Editor's contact details and anthology.
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Details about the Hindi and Urdu course at the university's language school.
University of Michigan
Peter Hook's page. Details about courses, and links to language sites.
University of Pennsylvania
Information on the Hindi program.
University of Pennsylvania
Audio lessons and information about their Hindi program.
University of Washington
Course catalog for the Hindi courses in the University.
UPenn Page for Hindi Alphabet
Learn Hindi through video and audio presentations in the Real Video file format.
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