Irish is a Goidelic-Celtic member of the Indo-European language family spoken by approximately 260,000 people living in Ireland, Isle of Mann, Scotland and a handful of countries outside the British Isles. Irish is also known as Erse, Irish Gaelic and Gaeilge.

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Beginner's Guide to Irish Gaelic Pronunciation
Simplified guide to pronouncing the Irish language designed for people unfamiliar with the language.
Daltaí na Gaeilge
A tax exempt, non-profit corporation based in Elberon, NJ, US, dedicated to the promotion and teaching of the Irish language. Includes some grammatical information, bulletin boards and a mailing list.
Eagraíochtaí Gaeilge
An alphabetic listing of more than 100 Irish Gaelic organisations with links to their websites.
Euromosaic - Irish
Sociolinguistic survey of the use of Irish in the Republic of Ireland, and to a lesser extent in Northern Ireland. Collection of links. Bilingual site (English and French).
Gaeilge ar an Ghréasán
Large collection of links related to the study of the Irish language worldwide.
Irish Gaelic Reference Documents and Links
Irish language teaching and reference materials, flashcards, books, and lessons, from a teacher based in Portland, Oregon.
The Irish Language
Basic description of pronunciation, sample words (including words seen in Irish placenames), and information on Irish English usage.
Sample audio files of Irish everyday phrases and proverbs.
Organization based in Tír an Fhia, Leitir Móir, County Galway, Ireland. It is dedicated to the survival of the Irish language with particular attention to the Gaeltacht, or areas of Ireland where Irish is still spoken widely. Details on the teaching of Irish to children.
Mailing list for the discussion of Old Irish.
San Francisco Bay Area Irish Language Immersion Weekend
This annual event offers intensive practice in the Irish language at various levels of fluency.

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