Māori, also known as New Zealand Māori, is an Eastern Malayo-Polynesian member of the Austronesian language family spoken fluently by as many as 70,000 people and understood by a further 100,000.

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Free Basic Maori Language Lessons
Learn to speak the basics of Maori Language with video lessons and other useful resources.
Hau Ka¯inga
Encyclopedia written in the Maori Language by public contribution.
History of the Maori Language
A brief history of the Maori language.
Maori Adult Total Immersion in New Zealand
Personal perspectives on a week-long Māori language retreat for adults.
Maori Language
A brief description of the Maori language, including history, dialects and grammar.
Māori Language Commission
Māori Language Institute, Tuakana-Teina native speaker mentor project, introduction to history, structure, and sociolinguistics, publications, resources, and news.
Māori Language Information
Information on the Māori language of New Zealand.
Māori Language Statistics
2001 He Tirohanga Ki te Oranga o te Reo Māori - Survey on the Health of the Māori Language. The data contained in this 2001 Survey can be used by parents, communities, iwi, researchers, schools, government departments and others, to help design and support Māori language initiatives at all levels.
Promoting the Use of Maori Language in New Zealand
Article on the potential benefits of applying a marketing paradigm to improve the success rate of Māori Language revival programs.
Te Reo Māori
Information on the language from a variety of sources.
Te Taurawhiri i te Reo Māori - The Māori Language Commission
Bilingual site with information about the Māori Language Act, news and updates, language software and collections of other useful reference and learning materials.
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