Academic programs in North America offering degrees in computational linguistics.
Brandeis Research Lab for Linguistics and Computation
Program focused on using lexical web techniques for lexically based semantic indexing and content abstraction. Staff profiles with individual publication archives.
Brown Laboratory for Linguistic Information Processing
Brown University research program. Staff and student profiles, publication archive.
Carnegie Mellon University Language Technologies Institute
CMU/LTI offers MS and PhD programs in Language and Information Technologies.
Computational Linguistics and Language Technology at OSU
Interdisciplinary research and teaching initiative at Ohio State University. Covers people, project, programs and events.
Computational Linguistics at Stanford University
The computational linguistics program at Stanford is one of the oldest in the country, and offers a wide range of courses.
Johns Hopkins University, Department of Computer Science
JHU's Department of Computer Science offers graduate courses on natural language processing topics from computer science, engineering, and cognitive science viewpoints. The department has a strong research record in machine learning for (statistical) NLP.
University at Buffalo Linguistics Department
Linguistics department offers BA, MA, and PhD opportunities, including a master's specialization in computational linguistics.
University of Arizona Department of Linguistics
Linguistics department offering a PhD specialization in computational linguistics with an emphasis on the relation between theoretical approaches to language and computational implementation.
University of California at Berkeley
The Computer Science Division of UC Berkeley offers a graduate course in Statistical Natural Language Processing. The School of Information has an Applied Natural Language Processing course. The famous Linguistics Department is not very computationally oriented but through Charles Fillmore, it gave birth to the FrameNet project on computational lexicography.
University of Pennsylvania Department of Linguistics
UPenn is one of the best places for studying linguistics, including computational linguistics. The Department of Linguistics closely collaborates with the Department of Computer and Information Science (CIS, home of the XTAG group), the Institute for Research in Cognitive Science (IRCS), and the Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC).
University of Toronto Research
Focuses on problems in the nuanced representation of linguistic and semantic knowledge. Current areas of research, related university courses, publications archive.
University of Washington Computational Linguistics
Professional master's degree program prepares graduates for a variety of positions, including jobs as translational technology specialists and linguistic data specialists.
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