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Archaeology of Peru
Site centers on the archaeology of complex societies in Latin America and Andean South America and focuses upon the study of how the Tiwanaku civilization expanded from the lake Titicaca region to control much of the southern Andes.
Bruce Owen's Archaeology Research in Peru
Picture gallery of archaeological ceramics. Selections from archaeological research papers by Bruce Owen, Ph.D. Anthropology, UCLA. Full browse able text, abstracts, references, and selected graphics presented at academic conferences.
Chachapoya - Warriors of the Clouds
Pictures, text excerpts, and advertisement by Keith Muscutt, author of a book on the ancient Chachapoya of Peru.
Colca Valley Regional Survey
This site describes the in-progress activities and preliminary findings of a systematic archaeological survey of the central portion of the Colca Valley and surrounding uplands of southern Peru
Early Ceramic Settlement in the Coastal Osmore Valley: Preliminary Report
Paper by Bruce Owen which reports on systematic site survey in two early ceramic domestic and mortuary sites to clarify patterns of subsistence, settlement, mortuary practices, regional cultural affiliations, and chronology in the coastal Osmore valley. [PDF]
El Brujo Peru
Describes archaeological and cultural research at and around the site of El Brujo, Peru.
Huaca del Moche
Essay on verious aspects of the Moche. Links, bibliography, terminology.
Huacas del Sol y la Luna, Moche Culture
Located in the lower to mid valley, on the left bank of the Moche river on a plain below the imposing Cerro Blanco.
Ice Treasures of the Inca
National Geographic's interactive expedition up Mount Ampato, Peru, with Johan Reinhard.
Inca Mummies
From National Geographic, images, articles, and links.
Inca Trail and Machu Picchu
A virtual tour of the Inca Trail, complete with photographs and an interactive map.
Inca's stone fitting
A theory on how the Incas could have efficiently cut a stone (still on the ground) to fit perfectlty in a hole in a wall under construction
Jewelry Repatriated
Precolumbian gold and turquoise jewelry once for sale at Sotheby's has been returned to Peru.
The Lord of Sipan
Describes archaeological and cultural research at Chiclayo in the region of Lambayeque.
Mummy Trove Found in Peru
From BBC, archaeologists discover thousands of mummies in a Lima shanty town dating from the last decades of the Inca civilization.
NOVA : Ice Mummies of the Inca
NOVA Online presents an expedition to Peru in search of Incan mummies on Mt. Sara Sara.
Pachacamac Archaeological Project
This site describes the ongoing archaeological research project at the site of Pachacamac, the precolumbian religious center, led by Izumi Shimada, Rafael Segura and Maria Rostworowski
Projet Ychsma - Ychsma Project
This site describes the ongoing Ychsma Project, led by Peter Eeckhout, which has carried out archaeological field research at the site of Pachacamac, Peru.
Pukara Domestic Architecture Research Project
Describes the archaeological research led by Elizabeth Klarich at the highland Peruvian center of Pukara.
The Ruins on the Inca Trail
Brief notes on the main archaeological sites: Llaqtapata, Runkuraqay, Sayaqmarka, Inca Tunnel, Phuyupatamarka, Intipata, Wiñawayna, Intipunku, Machu Picchu. With photographs.
Ancient Inca Road in Desperate Need of Protection
A preliminary study of the ancient highland road that linked the Inca Empire from southern Colombia to Central Chile, found that only 5 percent of the 8,500 km route is under some form of protection, and large sections of it have been lost entirely. (September 13, 2003)
Mass Human Sacrifice Unearthed in Peru
From the New Scientist, ancient sacrificed remains of 200 fishermen have been excavated from a beach in Peru. (October 04, 2002)

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