The investigation of past cultures of the modern nationstate of Mexico through the study and scientific analysis of material remains (i.e., osteological, artifactual, architectural, etc.).

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The "Y" Files
Information about colonial monuments in the Yucatan region including espadañas, murals, churches, and various archaeological sites. Includes photos and maps and offers guidebooks.
Chichen Itza
Explore the ancient ruins of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula built by the Mayan Civilization.
Forgotten Baja
Archaeological sites in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Sources gathered by Inner Explorations include photographs of caves and a survey being carried out.
Mayan Esteem Project
Archaeological site preservation project in Chilon. Provides photos of pyramids and other structures, information on funding proposals and completed survey work, and list of board members. [English/Spanish]
Search For the Lost Cave People
NOVA Online follows an international group of archaeologists into the Chiapas region of Mexico to search for the remains of the Zoque civilization that preceded the Maya.
Early Villages Hhold the Key to War
From New Scientist, the advent of affluent village life with communities splitting into clans may have heralded the first wars, suggests archeological analysis of ancient Mexico. (September 15, 2003)
Field Museum Archaeologists Discover Tomb Under Zapotec Residential Complex In Oaxaca, Mexico
From ScienceDaily, a team of Field Museum archaeologists discovered a 1,500-year-old underground tomb while excavating a palace-like residence in Oaxaca. (August 23, 2003)
Cave Paintings of the Baja California Peninsula
An illustrated article by Mark Rose from Archaeology on the rock shelters painted c.600 years ago with animals and people - a World Heritage Site. (December 30, 1998)

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