The investigation of past cultures of the modern nationstate of Cyprus through the study and scientific analysis of material remains (i.e., osteological, artifactual, architectural, etc.).

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Aceramic Period Cyprus
Article on the Aceramic Period of Khirokitia dated to the sixth millennium BCE. The settlement displays cosmopolitan contacts with adjacent Palaeolithic societies in the Mediterranean.
Agia Napa Monastery
Photographs and information on this ancient Christian site.
Agia Varvara-Almyras Research Project
Study of ancient copper production on Cyprus. The project is a joint-venture between the Archaeometallurgical Project of Agia Varvara-Almyras in Cyprus, the Swiss National Foundation for Scientific Research and the Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research. Site also available in German.
Ancient Cyprus
Mailing list on the archaeology and history of Cyprus from earliest times to 1900CE. Open to archaeologists, historians, and interested members of the public.
Cyprus Archaeology
Site devoted to Cyprus and Cypriot Archaeology. Lists of sites, periods, projects, and museums.
The Cyprus Treasure
An evolving electronic library of historic monuments of ancient and Byzantine Cyprus.
The Earliest Prehistory of Cyprus
A number of scientific articles provided by the American Schools of Oriental Research. [PDF]
Excavations at Politiko Phorades
A Late Bronze Age Cypriot copper mining site, the excavation is part of the Sydney Cyprus Survey Project investigating ancient mining and landscape archaeology in Cyprus.
Life in Cyprus: Archaeology
Tourist guide and map to archaeological sites in Cyprus.
Sydney Cyprus Survey Project
An interdisciplinary regional survey project in the Northern Troodos foothills, Central Cyprus, by the Department of Archaeology, University of Glasgow.
Yeronisos Island Expedition
Archaeological expedition on the island of Yeronisos, off the coast of Cyprus, undertaken by Professor Joan Breton Connelly and the Yeronisos Island Expedition for New York University.
BBC: Bronze Age Perfume Discovered
Italian archaeologists in Cyprus say they have found the site of an ancient perfume factory from the Bronze Age. (March 19, 2005)
Art Theft from Cyprus to Munich
Archaeology magazine feature article by Mark Rose on the looting of frescoes, mosaics and icons from churches in Northern Cyprus. (April 20, 1998)

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