The investigation of past cultures of the modern nationstate of United Kingdom through the study and scientific analysis of material remains (i.e., osteological, artifactual, architectural, etc.).

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Ancient Britain
Britain Express provides a guide to prehistoric stone circles, mounds, and other megalithic sites in England and Wales, including an A-Z gazetteer of sites, feature articles and visitor information.
BBC Online - Archaeology
Features include marine archaeology by Colin Martin, a 'Hunt the Ancestor' game and column from Julian Richards, virtual archaeology, A-Z of carbon dating, Piltdown Man and dig reports.
British and Irish Archaeological Bibliography
Online, searchable version of the published bibliography covering publications from 1695 to the present day on archaeology and the historic environment, historic buildings, maritime and industrial archaeology, environmental history, and the conservation of material culture.
British Archaeological Jobs and Resources
Offers job and course listings, CVs and who's who in the world of UK heritage.
Forum on Information Standards in Heritage
Promotes and develops standards covering the compilation and organization of 'inventories' of archaeological and architectural heritage.
The Invisible Diggers
Paul Everill's PhD research through the Department of Archaeology, University of Southampton aims to study the state of the commercial sector of the archaeological profession in the UK through the words of those who work, or have worked within it.
Isle of Albion
Featuring descriptive guides and photographs of megalithic and medieval historic British sites.
The Modern Antiquarian
Based on Julian Cope's guidebook of the same name, it contains user-contributed descriptions and images of many archaeological sites in the British Isles, and a forum.
National Trust
Protects and opens to the public many historic houses and gardens, as well as industrial monuments and mills. They also look after countryside sites and archaeological remains.
Popular Archaeology
The archaeological sites index (ARCHI) is searchable database of thousands of UK sites. Other resources: historical figures and events, glossary, on-line gallery, forum.
Prehistoric Britons' Taste for Milk
From BBC, scientists analyse fat residues on pots to show ancient Britons were keeping animals for milk at least 6,500 years ago.
Roman Britain
Roman expert Guy de la Bédoyère provides the texts from 'Roman Inscriptions of Britain', with a catalogue of gods and goddesses drawn from them. Also an illustrated guide to Hadrian's Wall, details of Roman army units in Britain, artist's reconstructions, information on his books.
Roman Inscriptions of Britain
Roman expert Guy de la Bédoyère has made available on-line the texts from the standard work 'Roman Inscriptions of Britain', vol.1.
Romano-British Sites and Museums
List of Roman forts, towns and villas in England, Scotland and Wales from 'Athena Review' vol.1, nos.1 and 2.
Seahenge Dated to Spring 2050 BC
From BBC, precise dating reveals that Seahenge 4,050 years old. Photographs, reconstruction, links.
Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project
A multi-period, multi-disciplinary research project on a typical Norfolk parish. Includes details of the research areas, illustrated reports, taught courses and the supervisory team.
Society of Antiquaries Library Catalogue
Online access to the library catalogue of the UK's leading learned society for Archaeology.
TORC: The Training Online Resource Centre for Archaeology
The CBA's Archaeology Training Forum provides searchable databases of all types of archaeological courses, fieldwork opportunities and organisations in the UK.
Treasure Act 1996
The law in England, Wales and Northern Ireland relating to the handling of treasure trove. Sets out the meaning and ownership of treasure.
Walk the Timeline with Current Archaeology
A series of readable, illustrated articles from the popular magazine take us through the archaeology of Britain from Prehistory to the Middle Ages.
West of Scotland Archaeology Service
Up-to-date news on the latest discoveries and events, search of Sites and Monuments Record, contains information about all known archaeological sites and finds. A prototype system, only the data for Inverclyde Council has been included.
Bones Unearthed at Medieval Ship Site
From BBC, experts digging up the remains of a 15th century ship from a Newport river uncover two leg bones which they believe were a medieval salvage worker's. (December 12, 2002)
Medieval Ship's Hull is Removed
From the BBC, final section of a 15th Century trading vessel discovered preserved in mud by a south Wales river is removed by archaeologists. (November 07, 2002)
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