The investigation of past cultures of the modern nationstate of Bulgaria through the study and scientific analysis of material remains (i.e., osteological, artifactual, architectural, etc.).

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Ancient City of Nessebar
UNESCO World Heritage site. Includes photographs, maps and a description of the site.
Bulgarian Castles
Provides information about the Bulgarian medieval castles, fortresses, stronghold and other defence structures. Contains facts, plans, layouts, photos, legends and information for visitors.
German Scientists Find Linear A in Bulgaria
From the Sofia News Agency, tablets, unearthed near the Southern town of Kardzhali bear the ancient script of the Minoan civilization, according to scientists from the University of Heidelberg, who examined the foundings. Linear A script dates back to 15-14 century B.C.
Massive Archeological Excavations in Mysterious Bulgarian Mountain
From Novinite, Bulgarian archeologists will start massive excavations in the eastern part of the Rhodope Mountain known as a region extraordinarily rich in archeology finds.
Roman And Late Antique Archaeology in Bulgaria
A brief history of archaeological research in Bulgaria by Lyudmil F. Vagalinski.
Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak
UNESCO World Heritage site. Includes photographs, maps, a description of the site and a justification for inscription.
Thracian Tomb of Sveshtari
UNESCO World Heritage site. Includes photographs, maps, a description of the 3rd-century BC Thracian tomb and its unique architectural decor.
Thracian Owner of Gold Mask Axe-Chopped
From the Sophia News Agency, Thracian king Seutus III, whose gold mask was unearthed in 2004 by Bulgarian archaeologists, has been chopped with an axe after his death. (May 17, 2005)
East Bulgaria Reveals Minoan Pertainence
From Sophia News Agency, Eastern Rhodopes revealed an old-times funeral site obviously pertaining to an ancient Crete-Micenae cult dating 3,500 years ago. (January 18, 2005)
Unmasking Truth behind the Gold Face
A unique archeological finding of a solid gold mask a couple of months ago stirred the world and rocketed Bulgarian pride of its history to unknown heights. (September 17, 2004)
Ancient Sanctuary Unveiled in Bulgaria
From Novinite, an ancient sanctuary dated back to the neolith era was disclosed near the southern Bulgarian village of Kapitan Dimitrievo. (July 21, 2004)
Orpheus Grave Mystery Unveiled in Bulgaria
From novinite, an archaeological expedition led by prominent Bulgarian Professor Nikolay Ovcharov unveiled the mystery of the excellently preserved Thracian temple in the region of Tatul village. (June 10, 2004)
Bulgaria's Archaeological Find of 20th Century Hidden among Fearful Rocks
From nocite, Thracian treasure from Rogozen uniqueness gave the archaeologists much material to work on as it revealed some ancient secrets unknown by now. The exclusive finding is now strictly guarded in the Vratsa History Museum that offers its visitors a rare journey through the ancient world of the Thracian art. (February 28, 2004)
Archeologists Excited by Roman Treasure in Bulgaria
From novite, archeologists will start some researches into the history of the Roman treasure of a total of 800 golden Republican-period coins dated from the period of II-I century B.C.E. as well as some Roman denars dated from the I century B.C.E. (February 16, 2004)
Archaeologists Excited to Explore Unique Roman Tomb in Sofia
Frome novinite, a unique Roman tomb was discovered by accident in Bulgaria's capital Sofia. (July 31, 2003)
Another Unique Discovery at Site in Bulgaria
From novinite, a unique ancient workshop for bone articles which had no parallel in antique Thrace was unearthed in the vicinity of village Sveshtari in northeast Bulgaria which is famous for the royal tomb discovered there a few years ago. (July 23, 2003)

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