Events in Topology which have already taken place but for which the sites retain some 'added value'.

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19th Annual Workshop in Geometric Topology
Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan; 13--15 June 2002.
19th British Topology Meeting
University of Glasgow, UK; 13--14 September 2004.
2002 Summer Topology Conference
Auckland, New Zealand; 1--4 July 2002.
5-th Conference on Geometry and Topology of Manifolds
Krynica, Poland; 27 April -- 3 May 2003.
Algebraic Topological Methods in Computer Science II. University of Western Ontario, Canada; 16--20 July 2004.
Axiomatic, Enriched and Motivic Homotopy Theory
A NATO Advanced Study Institute. Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK; 9--20 September 2002.
Program at the Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Singapore; 14 May -- 13 July 2007.
Braids in Cortona
Cortona (Arezzo), Italy; 19--22 June 2002.
Cascade Topology Spring 2001 Meeting
Boise State University, Boise, Idaho, USA; 19--20 May 2001.
Colloquium on Topology
Dedicated to the 60th birthday of István Juhász. Budapest, Hungary; 8--13 August 2003.
Elliptic Cohomology and Chromatic Phenomena
Euroworkshop. Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK; 9--20 Dec 2002.
Function Spaces, Proximities and Quasi-Uniformities
On the occasion of Som Naimpally's 70 birthday. Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli - S.U.N, Italy; 14--18 September 2001.
Geometric Topology
(A Satellite Conference of ICM 2002.) Shanxi Normal University, Xi'an, China; 12--16 August 2002.
Great Lakes K-theory Conference X. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA; 8--9 May 2004.
Great Lakes K-theory Conference, VIII. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; 27 April 2002.
Groups, Homotopy and Configuration Spaces
A conference in honor of the 60th birthday of Fred Cohen. University of Tokyo, Japan; 5--11 July 2005.
Homotopy Methods in Algebraic Topology.
University of Colorado, Boulder, USA; 20--24 June 1999. Photos, proceedings.
Homotopy Theory and its Applications
Fields Institute Program. University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada; September 2003.
ITES2001 - Fourth Italian-Spanish Conference on General Topology and its Applications
University of Padova, Bressanone, Italy; 27--30 June 2001.
IU Midwest Topology Conference
Indiana University, Bloomington, USA; 1 May 2004.
IV Iberoamerican Conference on Topology and its Applications
University of Coimbra, Portugal; 18--21 April 2001.
K-theory and Arithmetic
Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK; 30 September -- 4 October 2002.
Midwest Topology Conference Spring 2003
Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA; 26 April 2003.
New Contexts for Stable Homotopy Theory
Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK; September -- December 2002.
Spring 2001 Meeting of the PNGS
Pacific Northwest Geometry Seminar and Wasatch Topology Conference joint meeting. University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, USA; 28--29 April 2001.
Spring Topology and Dynamical Systems Conference 2003
Lubbock, Texas, USA; 20--22 March 2003.
Spring Topology and Dynamics Conference
University of Texas, Austin, Texas, USA; 21--23 March 2002.
String Topology and Hochschild Homology; Applications to Mathematical Physics (Almeria, Spain)
Summer School on Applications to Mathematical Physics. University of Almería, Spain; 16--20 September 2003.
Structured Ring Spectra and their Applications
University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK; 21--25 January 2002.
Three Dimensional Geometry and Topology
Oxford University, UK; 9--11 August 2004.
Topological Aspects of Real Algebraic Geometry
Research semester, MSRI , Berkeley, CA, USA; 2 January -- 14 May 2004.
Topology and its Applications
3rd Japan-Mexico joint meeting. Oaxaca, México; 6--10 December 2004.
Topology in Matsue
Joint with the Second Mexico-Japan Topology Symposium. Shimane University, Matsue City, Japan; 24--28 June 2002.
Topology Meetings
The Wasatch Topology Conference and 20th Annual Workshop in Geometric Topology. Park City, Utah, USA; 9--14 June 2003.
The Topology of 3-Manifolds
Special session of the AMS-UNI meeting. Pisa, Italy; 15,17 June 2002.
Topology of Arrangements and Applications
MSRI, Berkeley, CA, USA; 4--8 October 2004.
Topology of Manifolds of Dimensions 3 and 4
In honour of the 60th birthday of Andrew Casson. University of Texas at Austin, USA; 19--21 May 2003.
Trace Methods in Algebraic K-Theory
Muenster, Germany; 29 September -- 3 October 2003.
Wasatch Topology Conference Spring 2004
Nineteenth semiannual meeting. University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, USA; 21--22 May 2004.
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