Math competitions that are open to all students in the country.
American Mathematics Competitions
Organization that administers the AMC, the AIME, and the USAMO, with information about the contests, math problem archives, recommended reading lists, and other resources for students interested in mathematics.
Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad
Competition regulations, past results, awards, and APMO Test Papers from 1989 to present.
Australian Mathematics Trust
Sponsors a number of competitions in the Australian continent.
Balkan Mathematical Olympiad
Mathematical contest for school pupils from the countries situated in the Balkan region.
British Mathematical Olympiad
The Subtrust (BMOS) and Committee (BMOC) pages with past problems.
Bulgarian Competitions in Mathematics and Informatics
Introduction to the major national competitions in Bulgaria. Features comprehensive sets of past contest problems.
Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO)
Include results, past problems and solutions.
Canadian Mathematics Competition
Organization that sponsors the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge, the Euclid Contest, the Gauss Contest, with online workshop, problem archives, and other resources for students.
The Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge
Qualifying round for the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad. Registration and past problems.
The Continental Mathematics League
A series of math meets for US grades 2-9, a calculus league for the high school, and a Java computer contest.
Dutch Mathematics Olympiad
Annual mathematics competition for high school students since 1962.
Furman Mathematics Tournament
Hosted by the Furman University. Past results and written problems.
Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament
Annual math tournament for high school students, held at MIT and at Harvard in alternating years.
Irish Mathematical Olympiad
Team lists, old problems and training details for high school students.
The Mandelbrot Competition
Includes introduction to contest, news, memos, resources and on-line registration.
Math Competitions in USA
Sample problems, information and links from multiple contests.
The Math League
Specializes in math contests, books, and computer software designed for students from the 4th grade through high school.
United States national math coaching and competition program for middle school students.
Mathematical Challenge
A problem solving competition for individual pupils in Scottish secondary and upper primary schools.
National Cipher Challenge
Organised on-line by Southampton University for school teams and individuals.
The Norwegian Mathematical Olympiad
Mathematical problem solving contest named after the world famous Norwegian mathematician Niels Henrik Abel. Includes contest problems in downloadable format.
Norwegian Mathematical Olympiad
National contest for the selection of the Norway IMO team. Results, history and problems.
Polish Mathematical Olympiad
Math olympiads for Polish high school students. Features problem archives from the Austrian-Polish Mathematics Competition, Baltic Team Contest, Poland Mathematical Olympiad.
Preparation Drills for Mathcounts
Problems to prepare students for the MATHCOUNTS competitions.
Putnam Exam Information
Results from the Putnam competition, old exams, and problem archives. Includes problem of the day, selected from over 540 different Putnam, National or International Olympiad problems.
Redwood Empire Mathematics Tournament
Annual event held at Humboldt State University for all middle and high schools students.
Sigma Math League
UJS mathematics league that promotes problem solving through competition. Contests for grades 6, 7, 8, 9.
SMS: Singapore Mathematical Olympiad
The largest and oldest mathematics competition in Singapore. Schedule, results, rules, and photo gallery.
UIUC Math Contests Webpage
Information and resources for the Putnam and the UIUC Undergraduate Math Contest. Includes practice problems and solutions. Maintained by Professor A.J. Hildebrand.
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