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11th Conference of the International Linear Algebra Society
University of Coimbra, Portugal; 19-22 July 2004.
18th Brazilian Algebra Meeting
Campinas, Brazil; 19--23 July 2004.
2003 SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra (LA'03)
The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA; 15--19 July 2003.
6th International Conference on Clifford Algebras
Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, Tennessee, USA; 20--25 May 2002.
62nd Workshop on General Algebra. Linz, Austria; 14--17 June 2001.
66th Workshop on General Algebra. University of Klagenfurt, Germany; 19--22 June 2003.
Applied Clifford Algebra in Cybernetics, Robotics, Image Processing and Engineering International Workshop. A Special Parallel Session of the 5th International Conference on Clifford Algebras and their Applications in Mathematical Physics. Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo, Mexico; 27 June -- 4 July 1999.
Algebraic K-theory 2004
Montréal, Québec, Canada; 2--6 October 2004.
Applications of Order Theory to Homeland Defense and Computer Security
DIMACS Workshop. Rutgers, New Jersey, USA; 28--29 September 2004.
Applications of Order Theory to Homeland Defense and Computer Security
DIMACS Working Group. Rutgers, New Jersey, USA; 30 September 2004.
Applied Algebra and Combinatorics
Fourth annual Mt. Baldy Mathematics Conference. Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA, USA; 2 November 2002.
Braid Groups, Clusters and Free Probability
American Institute of Mathematics, Palo Alto, CA, USA; 10--14 January 2005.
Crystallographic Groups and their Generalisations III. Kortrijk, Belgium; 22--24 May 2002.
Commutative Algebra
A year-long programme at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, California, USA; 19 August 2002 to 16 May 2003.
Commutative Algebra: Local and Birational Theory
MSRI, Berkeley, CA, USA; 2--6 December 2002.
Discrete Groups and Hyperbolic Manifolds
University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK; 5--7 August 2004.
General Algebra and Ordered Sets
Summer School. Stara Lesna, Slovakia; 2--8 September 2001.
General Algebra and Ordered Sets
Summer School. Kosicka Bela, Slovakia; 31 August -- 6 September 2003.
Geometric Group Theory
Workshop at MathFest. Providence, RI, USA; 12 August 2004.
Geometric Groups on the Gulf Coast
Pensacola Beach, Florida, USA; 11--14 November 2004.
Groups St Andrews 2001 in Oxford
Oxford, UK; 5--18 August 2001.
Homological Conjectures for Finite-dimensional Algebras
Summer School. Nordfjordeid, Norway; 12--19 August 2001.
International Conference on Representations of Algebras and Related Topics. Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada; 15 July -- 10 August 2002.
International Algebraic Conference
IV International Algebraic Conference. Lviv, Ukraine; 4--9 August 2003.
International Workshop on Max-algebra (IWMA)
On the occasion of the 70th birthday of Professor R.A.Cuninghame-Green. Birmingham, UK; 30 June -- 3 July 2003.
Introductory Workshop in Commutative Algebra
MSRI, Berkeley, CA, USA; 9--13 September 2002.
Jordan Algebras and Related Fields
Fields Institute Worksho. University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; 21--24 September 2005.
Lie and Jordan Algebras, their Representations and Applications
Guaruja, São Paulo, Brazil; 13--18 May 2002.
Mal'tsev Meeting 2001
Novosibirsk, Russia; 21--23 November 2001.
Mile High Conference on Quasigroups, Loops and Nonassociative Systems
University of Denver, Colorado, USA; 2--9 July 2005.
Tensor Decompositions
AIM, Palo Alto, CA, USA; 19--23 July 2004.
Thompson Conference
Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK; 26--29 September 2002.
Thompson's Group at 40 Years
American Institute of Mathematics, Palo Alto, CA, USA; 11--14 January 2004.
Topics in Linear Algebra
Iowa State University, USA; 13--14 September 2002.
Twente Conference on Lie Groups
University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands; 17--19 December 2001.
Twenty Years of Tilting Theory
Fraueninsel, Germany; 18--22 November 2002.
Universal Algebra and Lattice Theory
Dedicated to the 70th Birthday of Béla Csákány. Szeged, Hungary; 22--26 July 2002.
Universal Algebra and Lattice Theory
University of Szeged, Hungary; 4--8 July 2005.
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