Producers and distributors offering radiation measurement equipment for scientific research and industrial applications. Products include semiconductor detectors, scintillation detectors, gas proportional counters, position-sensitive radiation sensors, pulse-processing electronics, multichannel analyzers, field-portable spectrometry equipment, nuclear medicine instrumentation, nuclear assay and decommissioning systems, detector components.
Alpha Counting
Provides low background Alpha particle detection, measurement, and counting systems and services.
Alrad Electronics
Supplies Geiger Müller tubes and proportional counters.
Export management company supplying nuclear radiation and measurement instrumentation for research, nuclear medicine, health physics and environmental monitoring
X-ray and gamma-ray detectors and pulse processing electronics.
Baltic Scientific Instruments
Manufacturer and supplier of radiation measurement and analysis instrumentation, MCAs, HP(Ge), SiLi and CdZnTe detectors, data analysis software for nuclear research and related fields, X-ray fluorescence analysis systems.
Designs and manufactures a variety of products for radiation detection, measurement, and imaging, including organic and inorganic scintillating materials.
Bruker Baltic
Developer and manufacturer of radiation detection and measurement equipment based on silicon, high-pure germanium and cadmium-zinc-tellurium detectors.
Canberra Industries
Radiation monitoring and analysis instrumentation, serving industries engaged in nuclear power generation and decommisioning.
Carroll and Ramsey Associates
Provides specialized radiation detector components and systems for physics research, radiography, PET and nuclear medicine.
Manufacturer of a range of radiation detectors, including semiconductor detectors, proportional counters, neutron detectors and Geiger-Muller tubes.
CERN gas detectors
Gas electron multiplier (GEM) samples available from CERN printed circuit workshop. Useful information on GEM detectors from the original development team.
Provides radiological instrumentation, laboratory and field measurement services as well as related scientific software products to industry, medicine, and government.
Manufactures and sells charge sensitive preamplifiers and shaping amplifiers for use in radiation detection instrumentation.
Electronic Control Concepts
Timing controls and instrumentation for medical X-ray units. Products include kVp Meters, X-ray exposure time meters and replacement timers for older X-ray sets.
EV Products
Develops and manufactures solid-state room temperature CZT (CdZnTe) detectors. Applications used for in medicine, industry, homeland security and laboratories. Located in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania, USA.
Far West Technology
Ion chambers, gas single wire counters, GM counters, gas filling systems.
FBE ASIC Design & Consulting
ASIC design house specialising in nuclear radiation detection ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) and cryogenic electronics.
Gamma Products
Low background alpha/beta counters, gamma spectroscopy systems, and gas flow proportional counters.
Liquid scintillation and gamma counters for biotechnology, life science research and environmental monitoring.
Supplier of radiation sensors to the nuclear power industry providing in-core and out-of-core detectors and electrical penetrations.
X-ray detector modules and systems, silicon drift detectors for X-ray fluorescence analysis, chamber sensors and associated electronics electronics.
Designers and manufacturers of nuclear radiation detectors including ionization chambers, Geiger-Mueller tubes, X-ray proportional counters and neutron detectors.
High-Pressure Xenon gamma-ray spectrometers and neutron activation analysis.
Mound Technical Solutions
Radiation measurement instrumentation, systems design, development and manufacturing. Specializes in Tritium measurement.
XRF/XRD X-ray equipment, including detectors, tubes, windows, JFETs; also optics products including pbs, beamsplitters, and polarizers.
Provider of nuclear instrumentation, calibration standards, and nuclear medicine products.
Opto Diode Corporation
Designs, manufactures and sells semiconductor radiation sensors. Specializes in silicon photodiodes for detection of ultraviolet and extreme ultraviolet photons.
Position-sensitive proportional counter systems for the detection of X-rays, neutrons, and charged particles.
Supplier of radiation measurement systems, electronic instruments and modules, high resolution radiation detectors, and data analysis software for general nuclear research and related fields.
Photonis Imaging Sensors
Range of detectors including neutron and gamma detectors (fission chambers, boron lined proportional counters, gamma ionization chambers, photomultipliers, image intensifiers, electron multipliers and micro-channel plates
Low- and ultra low activity lead suppliers, low activity lead bricks and ingots for low background detectors
Protean Instrument Corporation
Manufacturer of alpha/beta counting systems for health physics, radiation safety, radiochemistry, and nuclear fuel cycle applications.
Dosimetry systems and ionization chambers for the measurement of ionizing radiation, primarily for the medical field.
Quantum Detectors
Fast detectors for science, medicine and industry for X-ray, IR, UV and visible detection. A spinout company from STFC and Diamond Light Source.
Radcal Corporation
Medical X-ray system instrumentation and related products. Compliance and acceptance testing, quality assurance, field service and factory calibration.
Radiation Technologies
Custom designed instrumentation and electronics for radiation detection.
Redlen Technologies
CZT semiconductor radiation detectors for solid state diagnostic medical imaging systems.
RTI Electronics
Equipment for medical X-ray quality assurance and service: kVp, time, dose, dose rate, mA, mAs, light and focal spot size.
Southern Innovation
Signal processing technology for radiation detectors to reduce pulse pile up, detector dead time, poor energy resolution and system throughput.
Southern Scientific
Suppliers of nuclear measurement equipment for medical, physics research and industrial applications.
SPC Aspect
Manufacturers of wide range of radiation detection instrumentation including spectrometric equipment, modular nuclear electronics, inspection systems, shielding and dosimetry equipment.
Spectrun Techniques
Geiger tubes and scintillation counters incorporated into complete assemblies including sample stands and shielding for spectroscopy applications.
High resolution scintillation-based gamma spectroscopy systems.
Track Analysis Systems
Maker and distributor of TASTRAK a CR-39 plastic used for nuclear particle track detection.
Tyne Engineering
Designer of tritium surface monitors, tritium in breath monitors, tritium in air monitors, stack monitors, and other tritium handling equipment.
Unfors Instruments.
X-ray measurement meters for monitoring kVp, dose, dose rate, mA linearity, waveform, exposure time in medical X-ray equipment. Also offers several models for light measurement.
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