Producers and distributors offering portable radiation monitoring equipment and personal dosimetry products including Geiger counters, environmental monitors, survey meters, Radon gas detection equipment, ratemeters, digital dosimeters, passive dosimeters, monitors for nuclear security applications, portal monitors; also sites offering advice and guidance on radiation monitoring using the above types of equipment.
Aware Electronics
Makers of PC based and stand alone Geiger counters, Radon monitors, as well as other monitors for use with PCs.
Black Cat Systems
Manufacturers of computer-based geiger counters for alpha, beta, gamma, and x-ray radiation measurement and monitoring.
BNC: Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation
Handheld and portable radiation monitoring equipment, including isotope identification. Also offers pulse, function and digital delay generators.
DEQ Technical Sales
Suppliers of radiation safety equipment, detectors and supplies.
Direct Scientific
Survey meters, area monitors, portal monitors, ion chambers, and multi-channel analyzers. New and pre-owned equipment.
Eurami Group
Handheld Geiger counter for security and personal use.
Develops and produces semiconductor-based radiation detection equipment and systems
Radon and tritium detection instrumentation for home inspectors and radon professionals.
Harwell Dosimeters
Manufacturer of dosimeter systems, mainly for use in the sterilisation of medical equipment.
Images SI
Digital and analogue Geiger counters, available pre-assembled and in kit form.
International Medcom
Hand held geiger counters for personal and professional use.
Kata Electronics
Design and manufacture of radiation survey meters.
Radiation dosimetry products and services to measure exposure to occupational and environmental radiation including X-ray, beta and gamma monitors, neutron badges, and radon gas detectors.
Personal dosimeters, portal monitors, survey instruments and multichannel analysers.
Designer and manufacturer of a wide range of radiation detection and measurement equipment.
Suppliers of a selection of handheld Geiger counters. Information on mineral identification using handheld radiation monitors and other applications.
Nu Scientific
Distributor of range of radiation detection and monitoring equipment in Australia.
Neutron sensitive scintillating glass fibre sensors, neutron detection systems for nuclear safeguards and security applications.
A personal radiation monitor and alarm on a key ring.
Digital radiation detector and dosimeter for personal use.
Overhoff Technology Corporation
Design and manufacture of radiation measuring devices, from small hand held units to complex integrated monitoring systems.
Portable survey meters, dosimeters and portal monitors for security applications.
Pylon Electronics
Radon and Thoron gas detectors for environmental monitoring. Also provides electrical and mechanical repair and calibration services.
Rad Elec
Manufactures passive integrating electret ionization chambers for measuring ionizing radiation (alpha, beta, gamma, neutrons) and radioactive gases/vapors (radon, thoron).
Wall-mount Geiger radiation monitors with alarms for integration into security and safety systems.
Radiansa Consulting
Radiation protection services and equipment for security and environmental monitoring, including radiation detectors, pagers and alarms, search equipment, electronic dosimeters and portable spectrometers.
Suppliers of continuous radon monitors based on ionization chamber technology, plus information on radon measurement and mitigation.
Radon Analytics
Various radon measuring devices for use in indoor air, soil gas and in water, differing in the kind of the measuring system, in sensitivity and in handling.
Personal radiation monitor. Information on environmental radiation.
Radon monitoring, environmental gamma monitoring, private radio network setups, gamma dose rate meters, handheld instrumentation for electromagnetic fields.
SE International
Design and manufacture of handheld radiation detectors, digital and analog.
Sierra Radiation Dosimetry Service
NVLAP accredited dosimetry service used to measure occupational radiation exposure to x-rays, beta particles, gamma rays and neutrons.
Sun Nuclear Corporation
Contamination monitors, Radon detection systems, dosimetry equipment including in vivo dosimetry products.
Supplier of radiation survey equipment and radiation safety support services.
Teletrix Corporation
A supplier of simulated radiation meters for realism in training and emergency drills without the use of radioactive sources.
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