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Belgian BioElectroMagnetic Group
Researches the effects of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic 50 Hz fields on health. This group includes experts from nine teams of Belgian researchers. In English, French and Dutch.
Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS)
International society for scientific research, knowledge and understanding of the interaction of electromagnetic fields with biological systems.
Dirty Electricity
Offers information about electricity pollution, measuring it, controlling it, health issues, legislation and resources.
Electromagnetic Shielding Laboratory
Undertakes research into electromagnetic radiation from household appliances, high-voltage power lines, radio and television transmission towers, high-speed railway and trains, and mobile communication base stations. In Chinese and English.
Electromagnetic Surveys Limited. UK
Professional measurement and advice on non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, EMF, and information on common causes of concern.
EMC Consultants Ltd.
Specialists in quantification and control of non-ionising electromagnetic radiation. Conducts power frequency surveys and radio frequency interference surveys. Stebbing, Essex, England.
EMF Interface Consulting
Bioelectromagnetism consulting in Central Texas. Safety, risk avoidance, electrical hypersensitivity, and health effects of emf.
EMF Services - Field Measurement and Remediation
Provides electromagnetic field measurement surveys, remediation services, and home design consultations.
Enertech Consultants
Company is involved in scientific research and measurement projects of electric and magnetic fields.
Femu - Research Center for Bioelectromagnetic Interaction
A department of the Aachen University Hospital (RWTH Aachen) for interdisciplinary research on biomedical effects of electromagnetic fields, and provides Germany's largest database on EMF-related literature.
Human Radiation Effects Group, University of Bristol
Discusses research in electromagnetic fields, including work on the attachment of corona ions from powerlines to pollutant aerosols and how inhalation of these particles affects human health.
Less Radiation
Blog covering a range of issues of concern to the author, mostly being the risks involved in the use of new technologies and devices that cause electromagnetic fields.
Magnetic field measurement
Our main activity is centered around precise magnetic field and gradient measurement and its various applications in biomagnetism.
Microwave News
Covers the health and safety issues related to exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Includes electromagnetic fields, power lines, cellular phones and radar.
Non-profit independent organization that has been researching electromagnetic field effects on health for the last 20 years. Provides information and news on the issues involved.
Silencing the Fields - EMF Reduction Principles
A practical guide to reduction of AC magnetic fields, by Ed Leeper. Includes commentary on EMF health effects studies.
VitaTech Engineering
Company specializes in electromagnetic fields: surveys and measurements, exposure and risk assessments, and magnetic shielding solutions.

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