This category is for sites about past hurricanes, with some important storms having their own subcategories.

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The Disaster Center Index to the Year 2000 Hurricanes
Uniquely formatted warnings, reports and data for year 2000 hurricanes as they happen.
Floyd Devastates the Bahamas (1999)
Lots of photos showing the devastation Hurricane Floyd wrought on North Abaco, Central Abaco, Cooperstown, Green Turtle, Sandy Point, Elbow Cay, and Mores Island.
Hong Kong's Historic Calamitous Typhoons
Facts provided by the Hong Kong Observatory, an official department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
Hurricane Andrew (1992): Effects on Wetlands
Restoration, creation, and recovery of wetlands in Southern Florida and Louisiana.
Hurricane Information from the Outer Banks
Photos and descriptions of recent hurricanes affecting North Carolina's barrier islands.
Hurricane Lenny (1999)
Images and description of Hurricane Lenny as it struck the island of Dominica.
NOAA - National Hurricane Center: Most Extreme Tropical Cyclones
Reports on hurricane impacts on the United States (1851-2010) and the entire Atlantic basin (1492-1996).
NOAA - NCDC: Hurricanes
Provides images and reports pertaining to past hurricanes.
State Climate Office of North Carolina: Hurricanes
Descriptions of every known hurricane affecting North Carolina since 1851.
Thirty Years After Hurricane Camille
Prof. Roger A. Pielke, Jr. examines what we learned and what we have forgotten about hurricanes since 1969, when the worst storm ever to hit the continental United States made landfall along the Gulf Coast.
Provides a collection of satellite pictures of hurricanes and their tracks from 1969 onwards, with information on each.
Unisys Hurricane and Tropical Data
Archives of classic hurricanes in the Atlantic, Eastern Pacific, and Western Pacific regions.
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