This section of the directory contains sites that have explanations and information aboutbasic NMR and MRI theory. You will find some tutorials and some slide presentations of basic NMR and MRI theory here. 09/13/01
Basics of NMR
A very well written comprehensive treatment of NMR, includes math and numerous animations. Written by Joseph P. Hornak, Ph.D.
Andras Perzel: NMR Spectroscopy
Lecture notes on the basics of NMR by AndrĂ¡s Perczel. Requires strong math background.
Australian National University NMRC Center
Discussion of PFG, HMBC, and NOE experiments with application notes.
The Basics of MRI
Hypertext book by Joseph P. Hornak, Ph.D. [English, Japanese, and Russian]
Chemistry 4823
A near complete "how to" booklet for basic NMR techniques. Very useful for the beginner.
Guide to NOE Experiments
A discussion of the effects and causes of nuclear overhauser effect.
A nice little intro to NMR spectroscopy theory.
NMR at Widener University
An outline that demonstrates the teaching of MR using various software packages. Uses MATHCAD.
NMR Spectroscopy
NMR Spectroscopy. Principles and Application. A well written intro to NMR theory. Written by Henry Rzepa.
NMR Theory Tutorial
A very well written and thought out NMR Theory tutorial, as well as two very good Power Points on the subject.
NMR Tutorials
A set of tutorials written by Prof. F. Ann Walker, of University of Arizona. Which covers 1D, 2D NMR basics as well as Chemical exchange. Some simple programs are also included for learning NMR theory.
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
A very simple and very good guide to NMR spectroscopy
Proton NMR Tutorial
Very good short tutorial for beginning NMR jocks.
Spin theory in Photochemistry
List of PDF files describing spin theory with a focus on photochemistry
Tutorial About
Basic NMR Theory, uses MDL for molecule display.
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