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Achrom NV.
Distributor of gas and liquid chromatography accessories, including mass spectrometry. Based in Zulte, Belgium. [English and Dutch]
Offers light sources, such as custom built deuterium lamps, available to scientists through an authorised network of dealers, worldwide from Cambridge, England.
Specialist in vials and related chromatography consumables based in Welwyn Garden City, England.
Chromatography Research Supplies, Inc.
Offers vials, crimpers, gas purifiers, injection port supplies for GC and LC. Includes technical information and online store based in Louisville, Kentucky.
Drachrom Inc.
Offers accessories for GC, CE and TLC, with both micro operating modes through to preparative HPLC. Contacts in Greenboro, North Carolina.
Essex Scientific Laboratory Supplies Ltd.
Chromatography consumables for HPLC, GC, GCMS, LCMS, ICP-MS instruments. Includes registration, online purchase and contacts in Benfleet, England.
Integrated Liner Technologies
Develops and manufactures unique septa caps, headspace septa, and cap lining systems. Includes details of products, custom solutions and industries served.
Jaytee Biosciences
Offers parts, crimpers and consumables for chromatography instruments. Also calibration, repair, validation and maintenance agreements, from their base in Whitstable, England.
Kebby Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer and supplier of vial crimpers and decappers, including both manual and pneumatic models, for sealing or removing aluminum caps on vials and bottles. Range, profile and contacts in Rockford, Illinois.
Kinesis Ltd.
Online sales of columns, lamps, chromatography consumables and HPLC spare parts from instrument distributor based in St Neots, England.
MicroSolv Technology Corp.
Offers validation, technical and sales information for capillary electrophoris and HPLC. Order online from Eatontown, New Jersey.
Supplier of chromatography columns and accessories, offering interface for most countries.
Restek Corporation
Developer and manufacturer of columns and accessories for GC and HPLC. Online support, with applications, troubleshooting, literature, global contacts, and company news from Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.
Spectro Service Ltd.
Offers refurbished HPLC and GC instruments, service, calibration, parts and consumables including pistons, seals, check valves and detector lamps. Lists brands and items available, with contacts in Brackley, England.
Thames Restek UK Ltd.
Offers parts and accessories for GC, HPLC and sample preparation from Buckinghamshire, England.
Thermo Scientific: Chromatography Resource Center
A source of chromatography troubleshooting tools and product selectors, FAQs for chromatographers.
Ticoscen Inc.
Offers automation controls for chromatography instrumentation, refurbished equipment, and specializes in ELSD service contracts, for GMP, GLP and FDA compliance. Based in Laurel, Maryland.
Tosoh Bioscience GmbH
Supplier of liquid chromatography products to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. These include HPLC columns, process media and process development products.
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