Sites primarily describing technology designed as a result of research in this field, for equipment, prototypes, new materials. Also companies offering expertise in this field, perhaps as subcategories including Consulting, Contract_Services and Analytical_Laboratories.

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UK company offering an extensive line of injection moulded horizontal and vertical gel systems. Support products include power supplies, blotters, IEF, gel dryers and documentation, comet assay and cellulose acetate systems.
Biomics Inc
Manufactures separation products including flash chromatography, SPE discs, chiral column, electrophoresis and 96-well plates. Also provides compound synthesis, analytical support and tox studies.
Biotaq Inc.
Offering tubing for capillary electrophoresis, nucleotide sequencing and regeneration reagents compatible with LabChip, Agilent and ABI instruments. Contacts in Potomac, Maryland.
CE Technologies, Inc.
Specialist in capillary electrophoresis, offers contract research and consultancy, in biomolecules and pharmaceuticals, such as heparin. Also offering expert testimony and training courses from Chappaqua, New York.
Cleaver Scientific Ltd.
Manufacture and supply horizontal and vertical gel systems as well as supporting instrumentation. Product list, details of educational resources, power supplies, comet assay kit, tanks, dot and slot blotters, and contacts in Rugby, England.
Manufactures and distributes laboratory devices for agarose and polyacrylamide systems for medical analysis. Includes catalog profile and details for ordering from Grandvaux, Switzerland. [French and English]
EH Systems
Manufacturer of capillary electrophoresis instruments for life sciences, biosciences, chemistry and the pharmaceutical industry.
FFE Service GmbH.
Offers instruments and supplies for free flow electrophoresis. Includes application literature in research of biopolymers, bioparticles and proteomics, FAQ, and contacts in Munich, Germany.
The Gel Company
Distributor of accessories for gel electrophoresis, from major manufacturers at San Francisco, California.
LabGadget LLC.
Promoting x-tracta, a tool for collecting electrophoretic bands, such as DNA samples. Range and ordering from Skokie, Illinois.
Micronit Microfluidics BV.
Offers prototyping of microfluidic lab-on-a-chip applications in glass and silicon. PDF brochures available for download, from manufacturer in Enschede, Netherlands.
Software and apparatus for documenting and image analysis of gels, including blue light transilluminators, reagents and dyes Includes global visions and distributors from company in Cambridge, England.
Web Scientific Ltd.
Accessories for gel electrophoresis, DNA sequencing consumables, reagents and instruments for molecular biology. Provides downloadable PDF catalog and online purchase from Crewe, UK.
WIBEX SC Electrophoresis Laboratory
Independent specialist in analysis of grain and seed storage proteins for agriculture and food industries. Introduction with sample gels from GÄ…dki, Poland.
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