Sites for companies that perform primarily established procedures that require commitment of a period of months or years, for a series of experiments, agreed by contract, for researchers, laboratories, institutes or companies in the area of Analytical Chemistry.

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HTE Aktiengesellschaft
Develops, validates and applies high throughput methods for the discovery and optimization of catalytic and separation processes. Facilities in New Jersey and California, with headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany.
Particle Analytical
Offers laser diffraction wet and dry, microscopy with digital imaging, SEM, BET, air permeability, helium and mercury pycnometry, tapped density and flowability, in Hoersholm, Denmark.
PharmAssist Analytical Laboratory, Inc.
Laboratory specializing in development of separation methods for the pharmaceutical industry, in compliance with GMP and FDA guidelines. Includes overview of capabilities, and details of location in South New Berlin, New York.
Quality Chemical Laboratories
Offer organic and cGMP pharmaceutical synthesis, trace metals, analytical and bench scale method development. Includes dissolution, stability, storage and validation testing in Wilmington, North Carolina.
Quantex Laboratories
Independent company offering method development and consultancy to the pharamceutical, personal care, packaging and environmental industries. Lists capabilities and contacts in Edison, New Jersey.
Research Triangle Park Laboratories, Inc.
Offers method development in testing for environmental air toxicity, herbal dietary supplements, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical product testing. Lists accreditation and tests performed in Raleigh, North Carolina.
RPC: Technical Solutions Centre
Research and technical services company, serving scientific institutions, environmental, food and pharmaceutical industries. Links to specialty laboratories and facilities at the Research and Productivity Council, Fredericton, Canada.
SMI Analytical
Laboratory specializing in quantitative X-Ray diffraction determination of clays, sand, soils, mine ore and minerals. Located in Gauteng, Southern Africa.
Offers synthesis, analysis and development of special methods, processes and custom products. Lists rang and contacts in Fort Lee, New Jersey, and Basel, Switzerland.
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