Fish are cold-blooded, aquatic vertebrates breathing by means of gills and having fins supported by skeletal rods called fin-rays. The class includes the bony fishes and the cartilaginous fishes. Ichthyology is the scientific study of fish.

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Alessandro De Maddalena: Shark Specialist
Personal page with details of his research on sharks, his work as a marine wildlife illustrator, collaborations and publications.
Australian Museum Fish Department
General introduction to ichthyology and information about the museum's research in the classification.
Balkan Trout Restoration Group
Genetic research on trout species and subspecies from several locations in the Balkans, the problems of stocking and restoration the native trout population and details of studied fish taxa, field trips and published papers.
Basic Fish Anatomy
Outline of the external features including body shape, head, fins, gills, lateral line, coloring and swim bladder.
Breeding Fish
Information on fish reproduction and the rearing of fry, concentrating on the species usually found in aquaria.
Calypso Publications
Publishers of ichthyological taxonomic texts. Descriptions of publications, book reviews and sample images.
Cold Water Chemistry
Brief description of the many physiological adaptations that Arctic fish have made to help them cope with life at low temperatures.
Feeding Habits of Fish
Mat Couchman aims to discover the main elements of the food chain in a reservoir, culminating at the pinnacle level with the crucian carp (Carassius carassius).
Fish Information Website. Everything you need to know about the biology of the fish.
A brief outline of the essential features of fish biology.
Fish in Extremes
Article discussing how teleosts and hardy elasmobranches have adapted to survive in low oxygen environments.
Fish on Line
A computer-based course on ichthyology for students in biology or environmental science.
Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
Journal that publishes original research papers in all aspects of fish physiology and biochemistry.
Fish Scope
Time-lapse recordings and confocal images dealing with the developmental biology of fish.
FISH-SCI: Scientific Forum on Fish and Fisheries
Contains the online archives of the mailing list for this forum.
Fish: A Quick Course in Ichthyology
Introduction to the study of ichthyology and the characteristics of fish presented by Jason Buchheim.
Fishes and Scales
Photographic study by Jean-Marie Cavanihac on fish scales and also many photographs of developing fish embryos, with video clips.
Florida Museum of Natural History Ichthyology Collection
Comprehensive searchable fish database that offers fish data, shark research and images.
Ichthyological Association
German language platform for scientists and ichthyologically interested persons. Data about events and article abstracts.
The Ichthyological Society of Japan
ISJ was established in 1968 to advance the study of fishes and fish biology. There is a meeting each October and it publishes members papers and the Japanese Journal of Ichthyology. In English and Japanese.
The Identification of Oestrogenic Effects in Wild Fish
Technical report into the occurrence of intersex in roach and gudgeon and the role played by treated sewage effluent in the feminizing effects observed in UK roach populations.
The Impact of Environmental Levels of Aquatic Contaminants on Atlantic Salmon
Research into the impact of agricultural pesticides on sensitive stages of the life history of Salmonids. [PDF]
Induced Reproduction in Fish
Many species of fish will not readily reproduce under certain culture conditions. This article describes the natural breeding cycle and the induction of spawning.
Love Lab
Features fish research, biology and a list of species that reside off the Pacific coast in North America.
Native Fish Research Group
Researchers and projects dedicated to fish evolutionary genetics and conservation in British Columbia, Canada.
Neotropical Ichthyological Association
Formed by a group of ichthyologists and students with a broad range of interests in neotropical fish.
Peces Criollos
Permanently up-to-date about systematics of the freshwater fishes from Argentina. Also includes PDF downloads and links.
The Physiological and Metabolic Adaptations of Salmonids
Mat Couchman discusses the environmental influences and changes in lifestyle that create physiological and metabolic adaptations in fish and also deals with their basic nutritional requirements.
A Study into the Locomotion of Fishes
Article explaining how fish swim and why they have developed very different body shapes.
Technology for Fish Propagation
Janos Bakos provides comprehensive technical data on the conditions necessary for the reproduction of cultivated fish species.
Texas Natural History Collections: Ichthyology
Images, distribution maps and other data on North American freshwater fish.

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