The Phylum Cnidaria, also known as the coelenterates, includes jelly fish, sea anemones, corals, medusas, and hydras. Their bodies are radially symmetric, they are composed of just two layers of cells, the ectoderm and the endoderm, and they have a blind gut with the opening serving as both mouth and anus.

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ASIRA: Captive Coral Care
Provides information designed to help educate aquarists on the basics of marine biology and chemistry and on the proper care of common aquarium corals.
Information from Wikipedia on this phylum of aquatic organisms that were previously called the Coelenterata.
Cnidaria (Coelenterata)
An attractive and informative site from the Tree of Life Project, by Daphne G. Fautin and Sandra L. Romano.
Coral Health and Monitoring Program
Services to help improve and sustain coral reef health throughout the world. Part of an international network of coral reef researchers.
Corallium rubrum
Factsheet from the FAO on the Sardinia Coral which is gathered for the production of jewellery, its distinguishing features, distribution, habitat and biology.
Deep-sea Octocorals as Homes for Other Species
Researchers at the Darling Marine Center at the University of Maine, examine the commensal relationships of octocorals with brittle stars and marine scale worms.
Flowers of the Sea: Cnidaria
Photographic study by Jean-Marie Cavanihac of these marine organisms.
Freshwater Jellyfish: Craspedacusta sowerbyi
Photographic study by Gen-yu Sasaki of these organisms.
Galaxy of Images: Corals and Other Zoophytes
Provides images from the printed books and manuscripts in the collections of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries.
Introduction to the Cnidaria
Sea anemones, medusae, jellyfish, corals.
Irukandji Jellyfish
Information on this Australian jellyfish, Carukia barnesi, believed to be the most venomous creature in the world. Provides details of the symptoms, precautions, treatment and locations where it is found.
Photographic study by Jean-Marie Cavanihac of these marine organisms, with some animated sequences. is a comprehensive cold-water coral resource, collating information on the deep-sea, cold-water coral ecosystems, biodiversity and key species.
Mysteries of the Cnidarians
This article describes the cnidarians, usually considered simple, brainless animals and then discusses the complex genome they possess which does not fit in with previous evolutionary ideas.
Phylum Cnidaria
General information about the phylum that includes jellyfish, coral, hydra.
Sea Wasps and other Nightmares
Article by Richard Howey on jellyfish and other creatures of the sea that have stinging cells or produce toxins.
Sexual Reproduction in Freshwater Jellyfish
Some fine photographs and an explanation of this process, provided by Gen-yu Sasaki.
Devastating Coral Disease may have Bacterial Cause
Researchers have identified the possible cause of a virulent coral disease that until now has been mysterious. (June 24, 2008)

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