Genus in the family Canidae which includes the jackals, wolves, coyotes, domestic dogs and dingoes.

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All about Wolves
Plenty of information on wolves, facts, photographs, video and audio clips, with wolf stories to read.
Arctic Wolves and their Prey
Essay and photo gallery on arctic wolves and their prey by a widely recognized expert.
California Wolf Center
Conservation and education center focusing on Gray and Mexican Wolves.
Canis lupus
Research project by Nicole Holden on the Gray Wolf, including general information, its classification, habitat, reproduction, food and some experimental findings.
Canis lupus famliliaris
Research project on the domestic dog by Michelle Nyberg at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse.
Coyote (Canis latrans)
Photograph, description, distribution in Texas and habits.
Eastern Wolves in Algonquin Park
Describes the appearance, migration patterns, food sources, sounds, predators, breeding habits and the research being done.
Iberian Wolves in Spain
Iberian wolf (Canis lupus signatus) conservation and management in Spain.
International Wolf Center
Non-advocacy, non-profit organization in Superior National Forest, Minnesota dedicated to educating people about the wolf.
Lonewolf's Wolf Information Page
General overview and facts about wolves.
Mexican Gray Wolf
Fact sheet on the Mexican Gray Wolf.
Nutela's Galaxy of Wolves
Photographs, news, facts and poetry about wolves.
Red Wolf (Canis rufus)
Photographs, description, distribution in Texas, comparison with the coyote, and habits.
The Richard E. Flauto Wildlife Foundation
Wolf sanctuary in Ohio. Includes information on wolf communication, pups, the pack and why wolves are endangered.
UK Wolf Conservation Trust
Non-profit organization promoting conservation and providing a natural habitat sanctuary for observation.
Wild Animal Watch: Wolves
Learn how wolves live and survive, read journal entries from field biologists, read an interview with a wildlife veterinarian, and learn why wolves are afraid of humans.
Wild Wolves
Find out how wolves are making a comeback and discover the ancient connection between dogs and wolves.
Wild World of Wolves
Learn about this mammal's history and recovery. Includes facts about its habitat, physical traits and behavior.
A Wolf Adventure
Photo blog by a Canadian woman who has spent half her life living amongst wolves.
Wolf and Wildlife Studies
Discusses ongoing field research concerning the behavioral habits of the Fishtrap wolf pack in northwest Montana.
Wolf Education and Research Center
The center located in the Northern Rocky Mountains provides public education and scientific research concerning the Gray Wolf and its habitat.
Wolf Howl Animal Preserve
Dedicated to the preservation of Canis Lupus and its sub-species. Includes facts about wolves and a reading list.
Wolf Information Site
Basic information on the biology of wolves.
Wolf Song of Alaska
A non-profit organization dedicated to achieving an understanding of the wolf through education and awareness. Find out how to get involved and explore the resources offered.
Wolf Web
Wolf information, tales, pictures and games.
Photographs and brief information about wolves.
The National Wildlife Federation offers ways to help wolves through conferences, newsletters, public education and films. Read about the different species of wolves, commonly asked questions about wolves, and what you can do to help.
Wolves of the World
Social behavior, habitat, breeding, and endangerment of Gray, Red, Mexican Gray, Maned and Arctic Wolves.
Wolves World in the Wild
Basic information and links related to wolves.
Wolves: Wolf History, Conservation, Ecology and Behavior
Includes news clippings, recovery reports, images, a special section for kids, articles, lists of books and videos, links and an extensive bibliography.
World of the Wolf
Natural history of wolves and other canids, photo galleries, fossil records, sound and video files, and links.
Yellowstone Parks Wolf Reintroduction
Details how wolves were reintroducted into Yellowstone National Forest.
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