Aquatic chordates with appendages developed as fins, whose primary respiratory organs are gills and whose body is usually covered with scales.

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Codes for Australian Aquatic Biota
Species coding system for aquatic organisms in the Australian region. Includes standard English names for Australian fishes.
The Cyclostomes: Class Agnatha
Outlines the characteristics of this class of primitive jawless vertebrates which comprises the hagfishes and lampreys.
Discover Life - Fish
Checklists, images, and identification guides for world fish.
East Coast Fish-Watch Project
Designed to help people to learn more about South Africa's marine fishes and how to identify them.
Information from Wikipedia on the classification, anatomy, respiration and general biology of fish, and other aspects of their life.
Fish and Shrimp Interactions
Details of research carried out by the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center on the behavior of fish with varying numbers of prey species and fish densities.
Fish FAQ
Fascinating facts about fish from U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service Northeast Fisheries Science Center.
Searchable global database containing information on 25,585 species (110,000 common names), 71,000 synonyms, 28,000 photos, and 21,000 references.
Fishes of Canada: Annotated Checklist
Attempts to provide a definitive listing of the scientific, English and French names of all Canadian fishes.
Freshwater Fishes of Iran
A searchable database providing descriptions and illustrations of species found in Iran.
Freshwater fishes of Iraq
A searchable database providing descriptions and illustrations of species found in Iraq.
Key to the Fishes of Puget Sound
Identification key and guide to all families of fishes in Puget Sound (Washington, USA).
Marine Fish Fauna in Hong Kong Waters
The first fish Internet database in Hong Kong.
National Collection of Fishes
With roughly 19,000 specimens, this is one of the world's largest fish collections and is located part in Washington, DC, and part in Suitland, Maryland.
North American Freshwater Fish
Images, distribution maps and other data on North American freshwater fish.

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