Scorpions are characterized by the great pincers, the pedipalps, with which they grasp their prey. They have four pairs of legs and a segmented tail ending with a sting characteristically arched up over the back. They prey mainly on insects, or other scorpions, but the large ones also attack lizards and snakes. The venom is very toxic. Most scorpions are nocturnal and live in deserts or rainforests, with some being arboreal. There are about 1200 species and they are slow-growing and long-lived.

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Provides an information and consulting agency for researchers and others studying scorpions and arachnids.
Centruroides vittatus: Scorpions
Photographs of this scorpion and information on its habitat, description and sting.
Checklist of the Scorpions of the USA
Lists all described scorpion species (Arachnida: Scorpiones) occurring in the USA; includes information, control, distributions, photos, and links.
Colorado Scorpions
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Photograph and information from ARKive including classification, status, description, range, habitat, biology, threats and conservation.
European Scorpions
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Larval Orientation in Scorpions
Warren Savary's technical article about the way scorpion moms carry their babies.
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Article on control of various scorpion species that are found in houses in the USA. Alternatively, homeowners can learn to coexist.
Scorpion Files
Discusses various scorpion-related topics, including photos and information of scorpion species from around the world, including those of medical importance. Contributors include systematists, ecologists, and enthusiasts.
Scott Stockwell's article about classification of scorpions in the Tree of Life project.
Description and biology of scorpions from Desert USA.
Photographs and general information including classification, habits and behavior and reproduction.
The characteristics of these creatures, their life cycle, feeding and habitat, with illustrations.
Scorpions from the Chihuahuan Desert Region of Mexico and the United States
Provides a scorpion species list, desert biology, zoogeography, systematics, publications, habitat photos and specimen images.
Scorpions of Southern Africa
Information about scorpions in Africa south of the Zambezi River.
Striped Bark Scorpion: Centruroides vittatus
Photographs and information on the natural history of this species.
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