Jumping spiders. Distinguished from other spiders by the four large eyes on the face and four smaller eyes on top of the head. More than 5000 species worldwide.
Bold Jumping Spider: Phidippus audax
Photographs and information on the natural history of this species.
Jumping Spider
Photographs, description, life history and habits.
Jumping Spider: Salticus scenicus
Student project on this spider, also known as the zebra spider, including classification, habitat, adaptation, nutrition, reproduction and interactions with other species.
Jumping Spiders
Information on these spiders and photographs of a number of species found in Kentucky.
Jumping Spiders
Photographs of these spiders with information on their habitat and description.
Jumping Spiders - Salticidae
Photo gallery from the Netherlands.
Jumping Spiders of the World
Information on the diversity and biology of the world's Salticidae, with photos, drawings, and links.
Lyssomanes viridis
David Edwin Hill provides a movie showing the courtship and mating behavior of this green jumping spider.
Menemerus bivittatus and Plexippus paykulli
Provides photographs and a description of these two species, the Gray Wall Jumper and the Pantropical Jumper.
The Peckham Society
An informal international alliance of amateur and professional jumping spider researches. Publishes the online journal Peckhamia.
Phidippus audax
David Edwin Hill provides a movie showing adult and immature spiders feeding on spider and insect prey.
Phidippus regius: Regal Jumping Spider
Provides photographs and a description of this spider, with information on its distribution, identification, habits, habitat and detection.
Detailed information about jumping spider biology and systematics by Wayne Maddison. Includes full list and photo gallery of genera of jumping spiders found in America North of Mexico.
Salticidae (Jumping Spiders)
Provides photographs and information from the Biodiversity Explorer.
Thiodina sylvana
David Edwin Hill provides a movie showing an adult male jumping spider feeding on an immature lynx spider (Oxyopes salticus).
Use of Location Information by Jumping Spiders
Paper by David Edwin Hill on the ability of these spiders to move to a new position to facilitate an attack on sighted prey.
The Zebra Spider
Article by Wim van Egmond on this spider, Salticus scenicus, its hunting methods and its superb eyesight, with 3D photographs.
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