Sites primarily describing equipment designed for molecular biology research, rather than those involving intact cells, tissues or living organisms.

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Biaffin GmbH & Co KG
Offers biomolecular interaction analysis and biosensors, for characterization of antigen-antibody interactions development of novel protein purification strategies and diagnostic tests pharmacokinetics and quality control from Bochum, Germany.
Bioneer Instruments
Manufacturer of gene synthesis and PCR instruments. Provide equipment and reagents for PCR diagnostics and drug screening applications.
Bioscan, Inc.
Manufacturer of instrumentation, including HPLC, DNA/RNA spectrophotometer, plate reader, counters with distribution from Washington, DC.
Liquid nitrogen cell lysis device for use in biological research laboratories. Describes the instrument and technology. Provide product support articles and videos.
Core Life Sciences
Manufacturer of equipment and instruments for life science research application, including PCR, microarrays, and plate readers. Provides technical support information for instruments and associated reagents and supplies.
Orbital Biosciences Online
Ultrafiltration products with PDF downloads for guide, technical datasheets and applications from manufacturer in Topsfield, MA.
Polygen GmbH.
Manufacturer of DNA synthesizers, ranging from ten-column to 384-format systems, for parallel synthesis of oligonucleotides. Includes model specifications, overview of software, user support and contacts in Langen, Germany.
SAW instruments GmbH
Designs, manufactures and sells instruments for biomolecular interaction analyses. Core competence is the combination of innovative detection technology with biomolecular analysis methodology.
UVMAN Ultraviolet Products
Supplier of ultraviolet lamps, transilluminators, crosslinkers, UV bulbs, tubes, and sanitisers. Provides application and product support information. Based in Cambridge, UK.
UVP Inc.
Manufactures gel imaging, documentation and analysis systems for chemiluminescence, electrophoresis, colorimetric fluorescence. Also hybridization ovens, ultraviolet lamps, transilluminators and UV PCR workstations from Cambridge, England and Upland, California.
XanTec bioanalytics GmbH
Manufacturer of Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) instruments. Provides technical and academic applications information.
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