Near Earth Objects (NEOs) are asteroids or comets that come relatively close to earth. They are of special interest because of the collision hazard they pose to Earth. Meteors, while certainly close to Earth, are generally not considered NEOs.

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Arcetri Near Earth Object Precovery Program (ANEOPP)
A search for NEO images in existing photographic plate archives. Archives used, procedures, personnel involved, sample images.
Asteroid 1937 UB Hermes
Efforts on 1937 UB "Hermes", a long-lost Apollo asteroid, rediscovered in 2003, now numbered (69230) Hermes.
News and information about advance warning of asteroid or cometary impacts.
DLR-Archenhold Near Earth Objects Precovery Survey (DANEOPS)
A project to search photographic plate archives for images of known NEOs. Procedures used, team members, images and measurements of successful precoveries.
Dynamics of Small Bodies
Offers essays by a university teacher on near Earth object with unusual orbits, such as 3753 Cruithne, 2002 AA29, hypothetical Earth trojans and quasi-satellites.
FMO Project
A public program offered by the University of Arizona's Spacewatch Project. Volunteers review images to help find NEOs that the computers miss.
IAU / Near Earth Objects
Summary of research on near Earth objects, activities of the International Astronomical Union's Working Group on Near Earth Objects (WGNEO).
JPL Near-Earth Object Program
NASA NEO Program Office at JPL. Overview, press releases, FAQ, 3D orbit viewer. Research information and statistics, including risk calculations for possible collisions with Earth.
NeoDys, Near Earth Objects - Dynamic Site
Searchable database of near Earth asteroids, risk calculations for possible collisions with Earth, orbit calculation software.
Ondrejov NEO Photometric Program
Activities at Ondrejov Observatory, Czech Republic, for photometry and astrometry of NEOs. Project news, binary near Earth asteroids, people involved, lists of light curve parameters.
Wikipedia: Near-Earth object
Encyclopedia article covers collision danger, spacecraft access, efforts to catalog NEOs, classifications, impact hazard scales.
Tricky Science of Predicting Asteroid Collisions
Christian Science Monitor article examining asteroid collision science. (April 05, 2002)
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