This category lists sites especially for astronomical observatories of institutions specifically the international facilities.
Anglo-Australian Observatory
Information on the equipment and center, general and professional astronomy, and observing, including images and icons.
The Antarctic Infrared Observatory
Operation of 1.8 meter for wide-field imaging, queue observing, and standardized data processing, and includes overview, facility information, and team.
Bradford Robotic Telescope
General information, how to use, educational material, news, forum, the team, and links.
Brera Astronomical Observatory
Information and services, research, publications, seminars, highlights, and links.
Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory
News, proposal information, schedules, observing information, equipment and instrument information, and recently completed programs.
El Observatorio Astrofísico Guillermo Haro
2.12 meter, 16 inch and 8 inch instrumentation, and includes facility, equipment and camera information.
European Southern Observatory
Observing facilities and operations, projects and developments, activities, and general information.
Gemini Observatory
Public information and outreach, observing information, schedules, instrument information, archives, and library.
Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes
General and public information, equipment and instrument information, observing information, news, and resources.
Konkoly Observatory of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Facility information, information bulletin on variable stars, publications, activities, databases, and links.
La Silla Observatory
User information, astroclimatology, equipment and instrumentation, observing and operations, and links.
Leiden Observatory
General information, research, events, facility information, education, news, and links.
National Astronomical Observatories - Chinese Academy of Sciences
Information on the meter-wave aperture synthesis radio, multi-channel solar magnetic field, mark-III photoelectric astrolabe, 60/90cm Schmidt, 1.26m infrared, 2.16m optical, 7M solar radio, 85cm reflector, and 60cm reflector telescopes.
Nordic Optical Telescope
General information, equipment and instruments, observer information, resources, and education and outreach.
Pico dos Dias Observatory
Equipment, instruments and detectors, schedule, publications, and data bank.
Siding Spring Observatory
Research, technology, activities, news, and gallery.
South African Astronomical Observatory
General information, news, research information, observing and facilities information, education, images, calendars, and links.
Telescopio Nazionale Galileo
General information, equipment and instrument description, facilities, observing, schedules, and publications and documents.
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