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Archaeoastronomy Home
A source of information and products about solar alignments and ancient astronomical observatories and monuments in harmony with seasonal rhythms and terrestrial cycles.
Considerations on the True Structure of the Solar System
A mathematical personal view. In English and Spanish.
The Earth Is Not Moving
Read all about the Copernican and Darwinian myths.
Fundamental Theory of Existence
Explains why the author considers that God does not exist and that space is finite in nature.
The Grant Chronicles
Astrophysics and interstellar technology. Hot topics, new theories, and astronomical phenomena.
The Millennium Group
The repository where truth in science begins.
Modelling the Capture Theory for the Origin of Planetary Systems
Complete S Oxley DPhil thesis available in several formats for this alternative theory of planetary formation, first proposed in 1964 by M M Woolfson.
Stars, Brown Dwarfs and Planets
Paper by M.M. Woolfson and S. Oxley describing an alternative theory of planetary formation, seen by three referees, all of whom recommended against publication. Paper, objections, responses, and general comments on the ethics of scientific refereeing.
The Sun is a Ball of Iron
Dr. Oliver K. Manuel's posits a new theory of the sun's formation, composition and energy production.
The Universe Does Not Expand
The author asserts that expansion of the universe is impossible and puts forward arguments that are in concordance with accepted laws of standard physics and against this expansion.
Provides an alternative world history from ancient history and the lost city of Atlantis to more recent conspiracy theories and UFO sightings.
Vulcan, Comets and the Impending Catastrophe
Cataclysmic comet collisions occur periodically and are associated with our sun's dark star companion.
Your Own World USA
Core mission is 2012, Planet X and Nibiru education. Includes news, reports, interviews and articles.

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