Websites with specific information on pests and diseases of vegetable crops. Take note that information may also be found in the category: Home/Gardens/Pest and Disease Control.

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Cabbage Root Maggot
Information on the lifecycle of the cabbage root fly, the damage it causes and non-chemical control measures.
Crop Knowledge Master - Vegetables
Information on the biology and control of pests and diseases of vegetables plus other crops from the University of Hawaii.
Department of Plant Pathology - Kansas State University
Fact sheets on diseases of potatoes, tomatoes and watermelon.
Diseases - Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA)
Fact Sheets on a variety of crop diseases including vegetables.
Insects: Vegetables - Mississippi State University
Some recommendations for insect control for commercial vegetables in Mississippi plus photos.
Integrated Pest Management - University of Connecticut
A wide range of articles covering pests, diseases and weeds in vegetable crops.
Plant Disease Management Guide - University of Florida
Guides on controlling diseases in vegetables listed by crop. How to control soilborne diseases of vegetable transplants is also covered.
Plant Diseases - Virginia Cooperative Extension
Provides information on diseases that attack tomatoes, cucurbits, peppers and brassicas.
PNW Insect Management Handbook
Detailed information on a wide range of vegetable pests relevant to the Pacific North West.
UC IPM Online - University of California
Wide ranging approach on all aspects of integrated pest management (IPM) principles including degree-days, weather data, pesticide labels and a weed photo gallery. Includes advice on pest monitoring techniques, chemical control measures, as well as non-pesticide alternatives.
VegEdge - University of Minnesota
Provides advice on all aspects of vegetable crop integrated pest management (IPM). Also contains links to other related areas of interest.
Vegetable and Herbs Disease Information Notes - North Carolina State University
Details on a range of diseases on a variety of herbs and vegetables including cucurbits, tomatoes and potatoes.
Vegetable Diseases - University of California
Notes on a number of vegetable diseases.
Vegetable Insects - University of Kentucky
Information on a range of insect pests and also beneficial insects.
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