Fungal, bacterial, virus and parasitic nematode diseases of strawberries, and the insects and other pests that may attack the crop.
Anthracnose of Strawberry
Information on this disease caused by Colletotrichum acutatum or C. gloeosporioides, the symptoms, with photographs of leaf, stem, flower and fruit, the disease cycle and management. [PDF]
Causes and Management of Insect and Mite Resistance in Strawberry Production
Information on the development of resistance to insecticides and miticides and how to deal with the problem.
Florida Crop/Pest Management Profiles: Strawberry
Information on the numerous chemical compounds available to strawberry crop managers.
Gray Mold
Photograph of Botrytis cinerea infecting a strawberry rachis.
Insect and Mite Pests of Strawberries
Information on aphids, clipper weevils, leaf rollers, mites, slugs, spittle bugs, root weevils, tarnished plant bugs and wasps, including their identifying features, life cycle, damage caused, monitoring and control.
Integrated Pest Management Guidelines
University of California agricultural management guidelines for control of strawberry pests.
Nematode Management in Strawberries
Information on the sting nematode, Belonolaimus longicaudatus, the symptoms it causes, field diagnosis and sampling, predictive sampling, host range, damage and control.
A Predatory Mite Species for Controlling Twospotted Spider Mites in Strawberries
Photographs and information on the mite, Neoseiulus californicus, its life cycle, biology and use as a biological control agent.
Red Stele Root Rot of Strawberry
Photograph of plants affected by Phytophthora fragariae fragariae.
Strawberry Crinkle Virus, Cytorhabdovirus
Photograph of affected young plants.
Strawberry Leaf Spot
Photograph of a leaf affected by Mycosphaerella fragariae.
Strawberry Mild Yellow Edge Virus, Luteovirus
Photograph of an affected young strawberry plant.
Strawberry Root Weevil
Information on Brachyrhinus ovatus, its description, life history and damage caused.
Strawberry viruses: EC Listed Diseases
Photograph and information including distribution, symptoms, sources, development and disease status. [PDF]
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